CD Review: Brock Zeman – The Carnival Is Back In Town

Brock Zeman The Carnival Is Back in Town Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil’s Back (2015) Busted Flat Records Prolific Ottawa area songwriter Brock Zeman returns with yet another strong album, hot on the heels of his 2015 masterpiece, … Continue reading

In Memory of Paul MacLeod

People often ask about the origin of the name of my radio show. “Tell the Band to Go Home” is the name of a great 6 song EP put out by a singer/songwriter from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, named Paul Macleod. It’s … Continue reading

Spirit of the West – Sadness Grows

Spirit of the West is one of the most important bands in my own musical journey. They truly were the first band that I heard outside of the classic rock musical mainstream that had been so important to me, up … Continue reading

Goin’ to the Rodeo for the Hundredth Time (and Loving It)

There’s no denying the value and importance of Blue Rodeo in Canadian Music. Their sound, ethic, steadfast Canadianism, and ethos can be heard and felt across the spectrum of Canadian music, and will continue to be for a long time. … Continue reading

TTBTGH: Pledge-O-Rama News!

UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama is trucking along, but we’re running out of time to meet our goal. We still need your help to push us over the top. Apparently someone called up this week during a set of somewhat laid back music and asked, … Continue reading

Pledge-O-Rama is on NOW!

Pledge-O-Rama is on NOW! Call 204-474-6610 or visit (although if things aren’t lining up or working, we’ll find another way), or let me know how to get to you so you can make your pledge and support UMFM! Here’s my spiel: That damn Internet … Continue reading

Winnipeg Folk Fest 2013 Wrap

Let’s get straight to it. It’s finally happened. The day that I dreaded, but thought might never come. You knew it would catch up with me one of these days, so feel free to say I told you so. This … Continue reading

I Truly Believe that this Campaign is CRAP

Check this out, a Kickstarter campaign for a project that sounds amazing: Alejandro Escovedo, Jon Dee Graham, and the rest of the True Believers are getting back together after 27 years of amazing music apart. Now, I’m a sucker … Continue reading

On Heroes, Hope, and The Cold, Hard Truth

So Lance Armstrong really is a cheater. Is anyone really surprised? His is just another in the long line of stories about characters who have been built up to mythical status, only to prove that he’s only human, after all. … Continue reading