TTBTGH: Pledge-O-Rama News!

UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama is trucking along, but we’re running out of time to meet our goal. We still need your help to push us over the top.

Apparently someone called up this week during a set of somewhat laid back music and asked, “Where’s Jeff Robson? We need him on air!” Well, your wish is my command. (and thanks, Mom) I shall return. Thursday night, Steel Belted Free Range Radio takes to the airwaves with my last-ditch attempt to get you to open up the piggy bank and fish out some much-needed funds for UMFM!

On the show, we are expecting special guests Chris Carmichael and some guy named Frank Turner! Yup. We’ve also got more exclusive live recordings from Frank’s hero John K Samson, and if I really have to, I’ll risk causing even more trouble by playing that song from that guy who sounds like a guy whose name rhymes with Bell Darber. Shhhh.

Last year, you shocked me by allowing me to copy Stu Reid one more time, when I inherited the title of “The $3000 Man.” Well, that ain’t gonna happen this year… the only question is, how far off will I be? Help me to avoid further shame by putting in your pledge and helping me to be at least half the man that Stu Reid is.

It’s a little tougher getting there this year. I’ve had quite a few folks tell me that they couldn’t afford to pledge because times are tough. I get that, but I also want to remind you that with our convenient payment plan, it’s kind of like the Leon’s Don’t Pay a Cent Event… all you have to do is put up your credit card info and we’ll ring it through when it’s convenient for you! I’m not paying my pledge until February! I’ll be RICH by then, I’m sure! Even if I’m not, I broke it down into chunks that I’ll hardly notice (after all, the balance is so freakin’ high already…)

But seriously, things are down across the board this year, and it’s getting me and some other folks around the station a little down. Do you love us less than you did last year? Was it something I said? Still mad that you didn’t get the prize you wanted last year? Let me make it right!

Added incentives:

A one year subscription to Penguin Eggs Magazine – one of precious few music magazines that still matter!

A copy of Geoff Berner‘s FABULOUS new book, Festival Man. Even if you don’t love Geoff’s music (we’ve been through it. I get it.), you’ll seriously love this book. It’s absolutely wonderful. The character in this book comes to life like few I’ve encountered recently. It’s a really fun read, and it comes with a STAR-STUDDED tribute record, including famous folks like Corb Lund & Carolyn Mark singing Geoff Bernersongs! If you don’t like Geoff’s version, try these!

New in the CD box: Jim White – Transnormal Skiperoo, Bettye Lavette – Thankful ‘n’ Thoughtful, and more!

I hate hassling people for money as much as you hate giving it up. Let’s do ourselves a solid and make a transaction that gives us both something to be happy about, mmmm-kay?

Get yourself some sweet UMFM merchandise, pickup a few great CDs from me, get your very own copy of The Best of 2012, and get in our grand prize draws! All worth ponying up a few bucks for, I assure you!

Operators are standing by:
Do the deed online: – now clearer and easier than ever!
Make me come to you! I pickup & deliver!

Tune in and see how things all shake out. 6:30 – 8 pm on 101.5


Jeff Robson

host of:

Tell the Band to Go Home
Sundays, 2-4 pm central

Steel Belted Radio
Thursdays, 6:30 – 8 pm central

Winnipeg, Manitoba

*We need ourselves an official enactment of The FJE Clause. Nothing’s 100%. This is rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ radio. We try to make magic happen. Sometimes it doesn’t. Deal with it. I’m trying.

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