The Tell the Band to Go Home Pledge-O-Rama Spectacular, This Sunday!

UMFM’s 6th annual Pledge-O-Rama starts TONIGHT! Each year we look to listeners to help cover some of the monumental costs of running a radio station that is not beholden to major advertisers. The costs are huge but we think the benefits of … Continue reading

In Memory of Paul MacLeod

People often ask about the origin of the name of my radio show. “Tell the Band to Go Home” is the name of a great 6 song EP put out by a singer/songwriter from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, named Paul Macleod. It’s … Continue reading

Catherine MacLellan!

There’s a show coming up in Winnipeg that I really want to recommend. Wednesday at The Park Theatre, Catherine MacLellan comes to town along with her partner/ace guitarist Chris Gauthier. They are terrific. I highly recommend this show, and to … Continue reading

Jon Dee Graham & Mike June in Winnipeg

Something truly special happened this week in Winnipeg, and I sure hope you were lucky enough to be part of it. The mighty Stu Reid pulled off quite a feat when he lured the great Jon Dee Graham, Texas songwriting/guitar … Continue reading

Tonight on Steel Belted Radio – Del Barber’s Prairieography!

Tonight on Steel Belted Radio on 101.5 UMFM, Del Barber stops in between tour dates to discuss his upcoming album Prairieography, which will be released Feb. 4 on respected label True North Records! You can pre-order the album now for … Continue reading

TTBTGH/SBFRR Extended Editions!

Is this thing working? Is this thing on?* First, and perhaps foremost, from me and everyone at TTBTGH/SBFRR/Sunset Saloon, a very merry Christmas to you and yours! Now, I know that the politically correct nutjobs don’t want us to say … Continue reading

TTBTGH/Sunset Saloon November Update

It’s November! Already! How did that happen? Time sure flies… That means: I’ve been rather slow on putting a wrap on Pledge-O-Rama 2013. What a shocker it was. We were bracing ourselves for a bit of a drop this year. Advance … Continue reading

TTBTGH Pledge-O-Rama is TODAY!

Today’s the day! Tell the Band to Go Home‘s Pledge-O-Rama spectacular takes to the airwaves TODAY at 2pm CDT on 101.5 UMFM,! We really need and appreciate your support. The Sunset Saloon Sweatshop is up and running and assembling this year’s exclusive CD compilation, The … Continue reading

TTBTGH/SBFRR/Sunset Saloon News & Reminders!

Greetings friends! I just came back from a fabulous vacation in Southern Ontario (more on that later), but I’m excited to be back, because there are some exciting things on the horizon: This Thursday on Steel Belted Radio, we’ll be joined live in-studio … Continue reading