Catherine MacLellan!

Chris Gauthier & Catherine MacLellan at Trout Forest Music Festival

Chris Gauthier & Catherine MacLellan at Trout Forest Music Festival

There’s a show coming up in Winnipeg that I really want to recommend. Wednesday at The Park Theatre, Catherine MacLellan comes to town along with her partner/ace guitarist Chris Gauthier. They are terrific. I highly recommend this show, and to prove it, I’ve got a couple of things I want to tell you about.

First, I’m putting on my dancing shoes and pretending to be Eugene for a bit, and I’ll dance my way to your doorstep to sell you a ticket. Tickets are $15, but if you buy them at the usual outlets around town, they tack on a fee for their services. I do not. $15 straight up, cash. Heck, I’ll even float you the ticket and you can pay me back later if that makes it easier for you. Plus, I’ll bring it to you! I really want you to join me at this show.

​I guarantee that you’ll love the show!

Catherine is a really interesting, wonderful person, so I’ve asked to speak with her again this Sunday on Tell the Band to Go Home.

Catherine is a very honest, open person, and has shared a lot about her life over the years. Recently she shared a powerful post on the 20th anniversary of her father’s death.

​Her father, Gene MacLellan, as many of you know, was a renowned songwriter, penning ubiquitous hits Put Your Hand in the Hand, and Snowbird. He struggled with depression, and ended up taking his own life 20 years ago. Catherine has also been open about her own struggles with depression, and that just makes me like her even more.

Her latest album, The Raven’s Sun, which just the other day was nominated for 2 Juno awards, is a much happier album than some of her other albums. Being the dark, miserable individual that I am, it took me a while to warm up to, but I can tell you, it’s become one of my favourites.

The album that made me a huge fan was her second, and first for True North Records, Church Bell Blues. It dealt with a painful, difficult breakup, and uncertain time in her life. She bared it all in song, so beautifully. That is still one of my very favourites.

But you decide which one is your favourite. I love all of her records. Come pick one up on Wednesday!
Do let me know if I can bring you a ticket or hold on to one for you. ​And do tune in to the show this Sunday for lots of her powerful songs, and what is sure to be a really great conversation.

And hey, don’t forget to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on the exciting Spring shows coming up at The Sunset Saloon!

Sunday, March 22 (matinee) – John Wort Hannam trio!

Friday, April 10 – Shannon Lyon!

Sunday, April 19 – Jory Nash!

Don’t forget, CKUW FunDrive is coming up soon. They’re good people doing great work. Show ’em some love!

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