All New TTBTGH/Sunset Saloon Email Lists!

At long last, we’re switching to a much more sensible, user-friendly email list for both Tell the Band to Go Home and The Second Chance Saloon!

If you want to continue receiving emails from me, or want to get on board and see what you’ve been missing out on, fill out the form below. We hardly ever email you, but when we do, it’s because there’s something that you should know. The list will never, ever be used for anything other than emailing you info about the topics that you choose.

Joining and unsubscribing are easy and can be done without any kind of help or interference from me. Of course, if you need help with either or just want to say hello, you can still drop me a line, but feel free to come and go from the list as you please!

NOTE: these are emails, not posts to this site that you’ll be receiving. As always, if you want to know when something new appears on this site, you can fill in the form right near the bottom of the column to your left!

You can choose to just get emails about one of three topics. If we’ve got a message that suits everyone, it’ll go to the full list, but occasionally emails are just about one topic or another, so choose whether you want specific topics or the whole meal deal.

Thanks for joining/remaining!

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