Shannon Lyon @ Sunset Saloon, July 6!

Shannon Lyon
Outdoor house concert
July 6, 2013
Suggested donation $15-20 (price flexible, all proceeds to a talented musician making his way across this vast country)
Bring a lawn chair if the weather is nice (perhaps bug spray…), and/or a drink for yourself, and/or a snack to share, but we’ve always got plenty of all of those on hand!
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever)
Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below!
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Last year I was thrilled to welcome one of my all-time favourite singer/songwriters to my house, as Shannon Lyon returned to Canada after a lengthy absence for a cross-Canada tour, making stops in several out-of-the-way locations, including some joker’s back yard! Hearing some of my all time favourite songs in my own backyard was a dream come true, and everyone who attended raved about the show afterward.

Well, we’re excited to welcome Shannon back again this year! Once again, he prefers to play outside (weather depending), so you may wish to bring a favourite lawn chair, or take advantage of whatever’s on hand here.

For those unfamiliar (you poor souls), Shannon Lyon is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. Born in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, Lyon began his musical career in Kitchener, Ontario in the early 90’s forming his first band Strange Days (1990-1993) recording one album entitled ‘Life Aint Easy’ produced by Nelson McCrossan. During this time Lyon also started his low-key solo career and released his first solo studio album entitled ‘Buffalo White’ in 1994 which was recorded by friend Bill Braun. 

Since 1994 Lyon has released ten studio albums and has received critical acclaim and commercial success in Europe, North America and Australia.

Lyon was the first Canadian signed to Richard Branson’s post Virgin Records label V2 in 2004(becoming label mates with The White Stripes and Paul Weller) with the release of the critically acclaimed album ‘Wandered’  which was recorded in a 17th century farmhouse in the south of Holland with Dutch producer Bj Baartmans. Wandered was released in Australia on Collision records and in Europe on Inbetweens Records. 

In 2003 Lyon signed with Canadian Roots label Busted Flat Records (Matt Anderson, Jay Semko, Paul MacLeod), a roots music label founded in 2002 by Mark Logan and based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Busted Flat has released 5 of Lyon’s albums to date. (Bound, Safe Inside, Someday Mourning, El Sol, and Broken Things).

Lyon moved to Holland in 2000 and spent the better part of a decade living and touring in Spain, Germany, France and The Netherlands.

Lyon is currently located in Canada.

(Lyon has toured and shared the stage in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada with such artists as Lucinda Williams, Richard Buckner, Jay Farrar, Ray LaMontagne, Blue Rodeo and Bruce Cockburn).

When I hear Shannon, I hear the rhythms of the Midnight Cowboy, the 
harmonies of an earth-bound angel, the acoustic guitar that knows the pain 
of a heart, the steel guitar that stirs the lonely and restless lovers. But 
most of all I hear the voice that echoes Earle, Farrar and Buckner, a voice 
that haunts you like a heavy fog on a barren field on a cool October 
Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Wilco)

Some highlights from last year’s show:

More Shannon:



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