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Wow! It really happened and it was even more amazing than I dreamed it would be. One of my favourite bands, Odds, played in my back yard to a packed crowd of music lovers. Then there was the encore. Kevin McDonald (from Kids in the Hall, but he probably hates always being referred to that way, even though if it weren’t for that show, we wouldn’t refer to him at all. What a problem.) is an old friend of the band, and stopped in to watch the show and sit in with the band. We were warned to get the kids inside before they started, and with good reason. Here’s a front row point of view that I never could have anticipated. Viewer discretion is definitely advised:

Of course, Jeremy heard all of the laughing and commotion and promptly led poor Devin and Keri’s kids right out (don’t worry, we hustled them right back in.) Jeremy said to me today, “that bucky bucky bucky guy sure was funny!” Lucky for me, he’s got his dad’s hearing.

I can’t promise anything nearly as amusing as that performance at our next show, but it will definitely be amazing in its own right. Saturday night, Shannon Lyon returns. He’s got a whole pile of new songs and stories, and he will bring his powerful, personal performances and engaging personality to our back yard on July 6. I promise you a great time, and a whole lot less swearing. Please join us:
We’re also looking ahead to the August 14th appearance by Tannis Slimmon and the legendary Lewis Melville. I’ve been chasing this show for years, and I’m so glad it’s finally happening. Come and see why I’m so excited! Full details to come. SOON!
On the radio front:
Tomorrow of course will primarily be a celebration of great Canadian music as it’ll be the official Canada Day show!
Looking ahead, on Thursday we’ll give away a pair of tickets to see an all-time favourite Folk Festival performer, Dan Bern, as he comes to Winnipeg a bit before the festival to perform his soundtrack to Jonathan Demme‘s “Wilderness Song” on Sunday, July 7 ( This will be a truly unique performance featuring acting, music, film, and a whole lot of magic. This will be the first time this piece has been performed in Canada, and the only Canadian performance this year! It’s looking like we’ll be joined live, in-studio by Dan Bern the day of the show, as part of the OFFICIAL Winnipeg Folk Festival preview!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out last night, and especially those who helped, supported, and to those silly people who sang to me. Thanks to everyone for the obligatory Facebook post this week; you’re wonderful. And thanks to you for reading this madness, and for tuning in, supporting the radio show, and coming to see great live music; you’re making the world a better place!
I’m tired!

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