90s Hitmakers ODDS, live @ Sunset Saloon, June 28!

If you listened to rock radio or turned on Much Music in the 90s, you know this band’s songs, but unlike some of the other bands you heard a million times, you liked these ones, and they hold up very well 20 years later!


Backyard Bash (weather permitting) (Westwood, Winnipeg)
Friday, June 28
7:30 pm
Suggested donation $20-25 (price flexible, all proceeds to this legendary band)
Bring a lawn chair if the weather is nice (perhaps bug spray…), and/or a drink for yourself, and/or a snack to share, but we’ve always got plenty of all of those on hand!
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever)
Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below!
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The plan is to have an intimate, rockin’ bash in the back yard. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will have a stripped down, more acoustic set indoors, where seating will be much more limited. If we need to cut down the guest list due to a move indoors, first responders and people who PAY IN ADVANCE will get preferred admission!

Odds hits are the soundtrack to many music lovers’ experiences in the 90s. Smash hits included “Love Is the Subject,” “Heterosexual Man,” “Eat My Brain,” “It Falls Apart,” “Jackhammer,” and the #1 hit, “Someone Who’s Cool.” The band played a big part in this history of The Kids in the Hall (and the Kids starred in a couple of very memorable music videos (see them again below). They toured as the backing band for the legendary late, great Warren Zevon (who guested on “Jackhammer”) and extensively with Barenaked Ladies and The Tragically Hip. After the 90s hits, the band went on hiatus and lead singer Craig Northey went on to a solo career, as well as to tour with Kids in the Hall, record and tour with Colin James, as Strippers Union (including Rob Baker from The Tragically Hip, backed up by Odds rhythm section), and as half of Northey Valenzuela, who were responsible for the beginning and ending themes for CTV’s classic comedy “Corner Gas.”

The band regrouped without original singer/guitarist Steven Drake, capably replaced by Murray Atkinson, in 2008. Their album “Cheerleader,” was a return to form. The recently released a very strong EP, “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth,” which proves that this is more than just a nostalgia trip, this is the return of a band that sounds as vital and exciting as ever!

The band was named the Vancouver Canucks ‘house band’ of the 2010 and 2011 NHL playoffs. Odds performed the theme music to the CBC/IFC television series The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town. They backed up Elvis Costello and Randy Bachman on Hockey Night in Canada!

To say that these guys are highly successful would be a major understatement. To see this band in an intimate house concert setting is an opportunity of a lifetime, and is not to be missed!

Special thanks to Romi Mayes at Sure Shot Bookings for making this amazing dream come true!

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