Winnipeg Music All-Star Team

Winnipeg is full of great musicians (as many towns are, I suppose), but there’s something interesting about our music scene – everyone gets along so damn well. There’s no competition in this town, we all seem to be one big … Continue reading

TTBTGH remembers John Bottomley

Sometimes Facebook can be a good thing, because it really is a good way to keep informed, but sometimes you learn things that really bring you down. Such was the case when I read that one of our great, underappreciated … Continue reading

2010: A Dozen (or so) Concerts that mattered (and some other stuff)

I wanted to shorten this to a top 10, but can’t. Even looking at this list, there are some painful omissions. Check it out, and please consider commenting with your own top 10 list or your thoughts/comments/reactions/rebuttals! Concerts April 6 … Continue reading