Steven Bowers @ Sunset Saloon, June 17!

You know what dads like? I do. House concerts. It’s true. I’m a dad. I know. See, read this testimonial from an ACTUAL FATHER:

I love house concerts. There’s nowhere I’d rather be. You get the best up-close entertainment, hang out with great people, and there’s tons of FREE food and beer. What’s not to love about that?” – Jeremy’s dad.

So, with that thought in mind, we’re throwing a party perfect for dads, their families, people who might some day be dads or part of dads’ families, or anybody with a dad at all. We’re family friendly (we’ve got a bunch of kids and a big basement full of toys) and all are welcome, whether you know us yet or not.

It’s a Father’s Day Spectacular, live at the Sunset Saloon, Sunday, June 17, featuring Steven Bowers, free food, beer, and at least one ACTUAL DAD!

Price: negotiable! We’d love for you to give Steven some dough ($15 is a fair amount, but $20’s better, $10 is acceptable, or just be a cheapo and come and eat and drink for FREE! Whatever!)

Time: also negotiable! We’re thinking about doing an early set then a dinner break, then a later set. You can come for the early part and walk out without any guilt, show up later for the free food and stay for the show, or enjoy the afternoon/evening with us and enjoy both – up to you! If feedback dictates that we should just do an early show or a late show, WE WILL! We’re people pleasers like that, so LET US KNOW! (fill out the comment form below or just shoot an email to tellthebandtogohome at gmail dot com.)

We’ll start early and stay late (it is our house, after all.) We’ll serve up dinner, perfect for folks looking to cheap out on Dad’s day! Alternately, you can bring your own grub to share or enjoy yourself or just come before or after whatever else you’d prefer. Wives, kids, friends, relations, strangers, hell, you can even bring your parakeet if dad wants you to!

RSVP? We love it when you do. Knowing that people are going to come lessens my anxiety, but I’m a last-minute decision maker, so we never turn away folks who decide to show up without notice. Even just saying that you might come make it helps, but if not, come on by anyway!

Ice cream? Yes, Jaine’s famous homemade ice cream is a selling feature, but it’s also a LOT of work for her. She hasn’t committed to it yet, but it’s Father’s Day, so I think I might have some extra pull this time. I’ll see what I can do… Be sure to weigh in and increase the pressure if you really want some!

Here’s some more info, in case that sales pitch hasn’t hooked you in already!

In 2009 we christened the Sunset Saloon (my living room) as a place to host amazing shows featuring great artists coming through town (and some who live here) who deserve an intelligent, respectful listening audience. We’ve hosted some greats, as anyone who’s been to a show can attest. One of my favourites of all time was one of the very first, when one of my favourite singer/songwriters in the world, Christina Martin, agreed to come and play for the first time. She was traveling at the time with a young guy from the east coast and asked if he could come and play too. I didn’t know much about him, at the time, but I would have let her bring Beelzebub himself if it meant she’d come and sing for me and my friends.

Luckily, Steven Bowers is only a charming, talented devil, and surely not an evil one. He turned out to be a wonderful discovery with a whole pile of great songs. He’s a thoughtful, literate writer with a delicate voice and a gift with a melody. He’s also got a bunch of great stories and a great personality, so he’s easy to get to know and fall in love with. His songs were great then, but everything he’s put out since then has been leaps and bounds better than the last thing he did. Honestly, I’ve never seen such growth in a songwriter in such a short amount of time. Seriously. He just gets better and better.

He’s on his way across the country to be with his lovely wife who has accepted a job in BC, which has meant too much time apart (a love story! How can you resist a love story!). He’s also got a great album that people need to hear. We’re glad to give him an opportunity to get his songs out to people who need to hear them (that’s YOU!) You can’t go wrong with a house concert, no matter who’s playing, but when it’s someone new and exciting with a promising future, it’s extra enticing.

Whether you saw him in 2009 and enjoyed him then or just want to discover something new and wonderful now, this show’s for you.

You can, if you wish, download his latest wonderful record, Beothuk Words, FREE by visiting: (you can also support the dude by leaving a tip or downloading it from the evil, ubiquitous iTunes store)

You can download the amazing song “Comfortably Sweet” (featuring Christina Martin) free from Bandcamp:

Check out this adorable video of Steven with Christina Martin and Jeremy, live at that show in 2009:

The official beautiful video:

Check out this beautiful new video:

or this other nifty recent video:

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