This time of year, watch for Deer Tick!

This week on Steel Belted Radio, we’ve got tickets to give away for one of the most anticipated shows of the summer, as Deer Tick hits town for the first time on June 5 at the West End Cultural Centre! 101.5 UMFM is proud to support this show, and we’ve got you covered if you want to get in for free. Of course, we highly recommend that you pick some up if you don’t win, as well!

Listen to my promo for this concert: [download id=”184″]

I interviewed Deer Tick for the the August 14, 2011 episode

Last year I went to the Edmonton Folk Festival. There’s always plenty to enjoy at that one, so picking a highlight can be tough at times, but there’s no doubt that one of the biggest joys of last year’s festival was seeing Deer Tick for the first time. I’d fallen for the band’s leader earlier in the year, thanks to his part in one of my favourite albums of last year by a supergroup called Middle Brother (that’s a good one, look it up.)

Deer Tick is a rough and rowdy rock n’ roll band. They’ve got the rockin’ edge thanks to their love of The Replacements and Nirvana. They’ve also got some stellar songs, influenced by John Prine & Buddy Holly. They’ve got this bad-boy party band image that would make The Stones & Aerosmith blush. They’ve also got some great musicians, including a guy from Halifax who used to play with Matt Mays (bonus points.)

This band won over everyone who witnessed one of their sets at the Edmonton festival. Later in the year, they released Divine Providence, a gloriously rough around the edges rock record, which went on to be one of my favourites of the year.


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