Music Tip – New (and FREE?) Shannon Lyon!

If you’re a long time or regular listener of my shows, you likely know what a big fan I am of a guy named Shannon Lyon. He’s from Ontario, but has lived and spent most of his time in Europe for years. He came to Winnipeg once, a long time ago, opening for Luther Wright & the Wrongs at the West End. His album “Wandered” is one of my all time favourites, and he’s continued to amaze on many subsequent discs. A while back ago he talked about releasing a record of Townes Van Zandt covers, but it never seemed to come out after that.

Until today. He put up FOUR new collections online for download, including the Townes covers album AND a two volume collection of “best of” stuff, including many of the best songs from Wandered and beyond, and you can get ’em for FREE. Now, you, being a good hearted appreciator of good music, will surely know that the guy deserves a few bucks in return for his talent, so consider giving him a tip.

Check this out! No need to thank me, just pass the good word along. I know you’ll enjoy these!

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