Matt Epp @ Sunset Saloon, Jan. 19, 2014

Matt Epp Sunday, January 19, 2014 2:00 pm matinée! $15-20 suggested donation (all proceeds to the artists) All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, or whoever might tag along!) As usual, you can bring a beverage of your choice … Continue reading

New Del Barber! And you can have it for free?

Here’s a sneak peek at Del‘s new disc Prairiography, which comes out in the new year on True North Records! You can have it for free, but good hearted souls will leave the kid a tip. He works hard for … Continue reading

Penguin Eggs Best of 2013 Poll

Penguin Eggs is one of the last remaining great music print magazines. Every year editor Roddy Doyle assembles a panel of music industry folks, festival bookers, and media know-it-alls like me. It was tough this year because the list was … Continue reading

Benefit show featuring John K Samson & Nicky Mehta!?

Even though this show is on a Sunday afternoon (seriously, I need to talk to someone about that. The world should really shut down Sundays 2-4 so that everyone can listen to the radio…), it features two of my favourite … Continue reading

Mary Gauthier w/Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller, July 22!

When news broke that local superstars, friends, and good people Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller were going on tour with one of the world’s great singer/songwriters, Mary Gauthier, the obvious question was, “When are they playing Winnipeg?” Well, unfortunately for … Continue reading

Tannis Slimmon @ Sunset Saloon, Aug. 14!

Tannis Slimmon w/Lewis Melville Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Live at Sunset Saloon (house concert, Westwood, Winnipeg) 8:00 Suggested donation $15-20 All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever) As usual, you can bring a beverage … Continue reading

Shannon Lyon Sunset Saloon Primer

We’re plenty excited about the return of the great Shannon Lyon to the Sunset Saloon back yard on July 6. If you saw him last year or know his amazing work, you know what a treat this is, so you’ll … Continue reading

TTBTGH/Sunset Saloon June news

Where does the time go? It’s the middle of June already!? How did that happen? It’s a good time to be alive and around great music. Here’s some news you can use to keep yourself in the right place at … Continue reading

90s Hitmakers ODDS, live @ Sunset Saloon, June 28!

If you listened to rock radio or turned on Much Music in the 90s, you know this band’s songs, but unlike some of the other bands you heard a million times, you liked these ones, and they hold up very … Continue reading

Shannon Lyon @ Sunset Saloon, July 6!

Shannon Lyon Outdoor house concert July 6, 2013 7:00 Suggested donation $15-20 (price flexible, all proceeds to a talented musician making his way across this vast country) Bring a lawn chair if the weather is nice (perhaps bug spray…), and/or … Continue reading