Matt Epp @ Sunset Saloon, Jan. 19, 2014

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Sunday, January 19, 2014
2:00 pm matinée!
$15-20 suggested donation (all proceeds to the artists)
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, or whoever might tag along!)
As usual, you can bring a beverage of your choice to enjoy or some food to share, but we’ll have plenty of both on hand, so it’s not necessary, so feel free to show up and enjoy whatever’s on hand!

Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below!

music - 01Besides being a super talented musician, a true man of the world, and an undisputed rising star, Matt Epp is one of the most genuine, sweet people you’ll ever meet. If you’ve run across Matt, chances are he gave you his dazzling smile and a warm embrace.

After making a name for himself producing skateboarding videos, Matt Epp came to Winnipeg, started putting out music, and never looked back. He first came to our attention with his solo debut after parting with the group Hired Help, who put out an album under the name of Fired Help. His debut revealed a songwriter who was spiritual, personal, and passionate. His revealing, intimate songs found an audience quickly, and he rode his skateboard up to UMFM for the first of many visits. (He still proudly holds the title of “Only Singer/Songwriter to Show up on a Skateboard!”) His passion and determination were overwhelming and infectious. It was hard not to want to support someone with such a desire to travel around singing his songs.

The releases came steadily after that, and each one showed immense growth. His fourth album in as many years, “Safe or Free” featured duets with established stars Jesse DeNatale and Eliza Gilkyson (Emmylou Harris was a possibility, but timing didn’t work out!)

music - 02Then he hooked up with a powerful band, The Amorian Assembly, and his career grew by leaps and bounds. He spent a lot of time in Spain, France, and all over Europe and North America, and gained a following wherever he took his charming and captivating show.

His latest album, Learning to Lose Control, was produced by Jamie Candiloro, a name that might not mean much to you until you find out that he previously worked with folks like R.E.M and Ryan Adams – not too shabby! The album also includes a co-write and duet with Serena Ryder, who provides the perfect partner for Matt’s voice. That song, “When You Know,” is one of the most infectious and amazing songs of last year. It spent a long time on the CBC 2 Top 20 Countdown, and was repeatedly acknowledged as the song with “Most Online Votes” from friends and fans. The guy’s got a lot of them.

Matt made a special guest appearance at The Sunset Saloon in 2013 when he dropped in to sing with Christina Martin & Dale Murray, so it’s a great pleasure to welcome Matt for his own show this year!

This is a special Sunday afternoon matinée, going head-to-head with Tell the Band to Go Home on UMFM (I’m going to bug Jared to see if it’s at all possible to do the show live on location…). This is something I wouldn’t normally do, but the last time Matt was scheduled to come into the station to perform on the show, I stood him up because I was negotiating to buy the Saloon! He was kind and gracious, and it’s thanks to him that The Sunset Saloon even exists (kind of.)

Folks, spend a Sunday afternoon with a guy who you’ll surely want to form a lasting friendship with. Be here for this great event!

Matt Epp – Use Your Head from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

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