Shannon Lyon Sunset Saloon Primer

We’re plenty excited about the return of the great Shannon Lyon to the Sunset Saloon back yard on July 6. If you saw him last year or know his amazing work, you know what a treat this is, so you’ll love the magic below. If you haven’t seen or heard Shannon, you should really watch the videos below and you should definitely make plans to join us on July 6!

Here’s a recent live clip, shot outdoors with lots of mosquitoes (so hopefully he will be prepared for a couple of outdoor shows!)

Here’s a recent live performance of the title track to last year’s fantastic album, “Broken Things.”

Here’s a rockin’ live track featuring his great Berlin band:

Last year, I blew it and interrupted before Shannon could play this as an encore. Believe me, I won’t do that again!

Here’s a beauty we did hear last year:

And, of course, Shannon’s music is available online, name your own price!

Make your plans to join us! You will NOT regret it!

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