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Just like that wise poet once said, “Everything I Do, I Do It for You.” We at UMFM try very hard each and every day to give a lot to our listeners and our community. We provide a lot of services and support to local musicians, venues, and festivals. We also try to give everyone the best listening experience. Where else can you drop by and meet your favourite host, make requests and have them played right away (or, in the case of my shows, 3 weeks later…), or sit in and co-host a show? How many other stations would give a joker like me the opportunity to be on the air for over a decade, twice a week, every week?

We do it all for you, and we don’t expect ANYTHING in return. We’re always there for you, free of charge and ready to help. Any time. It’s what we do, and we’ll keep on doing it.

YOU DO NOT OWE US A THING for these services!

However… if those services, that personal touch, that commitment to quality, and that tireless devotion means something to you, here’s your chance to show your appreciation. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. But, if you can help us out this week, it would go a long way to helping us to be better and feel connected to you and strengthen our resolve to be bigger and better and to find new ways to serve you and our community.

EVERY DONATION HELPS! Yeah, we like to give out lots of stuff to those who give lots, but ANYONE can help at ANY amount. If you give even $1 to UMFM, it shows that you care enough to make that call and that you care enough to give, and that is REALLY APPRECIATED!

IF you feel like helping us out or showing that we mean something to you, this is the time. Here are the ways:

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Canadian Indie Music 2CD Sampler 1989:

Colin James DVD & signed original script:

Stan Rogers signed CBC cheque stub:

If you’re not convinced to support us yet, consider the following:

I hope that somewhere along the line, I’ve introduced you to an artist, an album, or a song that really moved you and really mattered to you. If you appreciate that, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you first heard Willie P Bennett or Del Barber or Christina Martin or Townes Van Zandt for the first time on my show, you’re welcome. If you’re glad to have those musicians and songs in your life, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you just appreciate the fact that there is a place where those amazing songs and songwriters can get played on the radio, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If one of my shows made you laugh, taught you something new, helped you through a difficult time, or just entertained you while you were gardening, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you’ve used my websites to keep apprised of upcoming events, download a show, find something out, or just browse around, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

I put on some amazing house concerts. Whether you’ve come to one or not yet, and you appreciate the opportunity to see great artists up close and personal, to get to know them and share some food and fellowship with them, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you’ve come to one of those shows and enjoyed the food and beverages that we provide to you, FREE, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you’ve ever tasted Jaine’s famous brownies or her specialty homemade ice cream, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

You know those “Best of” compilations that I’ve been working so hard on and handing out for 10 years? Have you ever had to pay for one of those? Nope, and you never will. If you appreciate those, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you’ve ever won tickets or a CD or some other kind of prize and really enjoyed getting that for free, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

I’ve made so many great friends through this show, and I think that we’ve paired up plenty of other folks with like-minded music lovers. If you’ve connected with someone at one of my house concerts or through the show, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

I’ve been on the air, giving up my Sunday afternoons AND Thursday (and previously Monday) evenings for over a decade. I’ve missed out on shows, events, and most importantly, quality time with my wonderful family. If you appreciate those efforts, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

We often have amazing musicians live in our studio to talk and perform. If you appreciate the opportunity to hear great artists in an intimate, engaging, and interactive environment, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

Every artist has to start somewhere. In order to grow as an artist and find support, music needs to be heard and encouraged. We provide one of the most direct and easiest ways for beginning artists to nurture their talents and get the word out. We expose new artists to an eager and willing audience. We’ve helped build the careers of many people who have gone on to bigger and better things. Whether you’re an artist or not, if you appreciate those efforts, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

We now have a “live band room,” where local artists can come in and use professional facilities to record a demo or just hone their craft for a very, very reasonable price; it’s a lot cheaper than buying the software and equipment yourself and MUCH more reasonable than booking a “real” recording studio. If having that opportunity in our community means something to you, as it does to a lot of musicians, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

We nurture local music by putting on concerts and events, supporting concerts and events, providing feedback and support, and just spreading the good word. If that sounds like a good thing to continue doing, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

We get a LOT of CDs in the mail. Every one comes in an envelope that would normally just get thrown away. Did you know that we save those things and that local artists can come and pick those up and reuse those envelopes, thus saving them a HUGE cost? Did you know that by reusing those things, we divert (or at least delay) those things from reaching landfill? If that sounds like something you encourage, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

Did you know that we do mailouts of local music? Local artists can bring in copies of their album and we will mail it out to other stations across Canada. We have a relationship with other stations, so we can get the music into the right hands and we’ve built up enough trust that we can ensure that it will get listened to and played. We do the work and we pick up the cost. If that sounds like a noble effort, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

WE DO NOT PLAY CLASSIC ROCK! How many other stations in Winnipeg can say that! We don’t play the same tired hits over and over and over again! We offer true alternative music, instead of rolling out the same tired playlist. If having the opportunity to hear new music means something to you, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

All of our shows are programmed by people in our community who are passionate and committed. Our hosts are NOT told what they have to play. Our station is NOT programmed by some service in Toronto! We don’t program certain music at certain times to maximize the impact. If you appreciate music and talk brought to you by REAL people who REALLY care, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

Our station is NON-PROFIT! There is nobody getting rich at UMFM. We have TWO employees who work really, really hard to keep the station running. It’s a tireless job, and they’ve been doing it well for YEARS. Those two hard-working people earn less money than I do, and they work long hours and take very little time off. If you want to applaud their efforts, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

Jared likes to give me grief. If you appreciate someone doing that (as I do), please support Pledge-O-Rama.

I screw up a lot and do a lot of stupid things (just ask my family.) There have been so many times when I’ve made a huge mistake and Jared has come to the rescue or (eventually) forgiven me and allowed me to keep going, knowing that I’m likely to do it (or something worse) again! If you appreciate a good guy like that, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

I remember the day in 1998 when I first turned my dial to 101.5 fm and found something new, something interesting, something challenging, something different. I found a place where I didn’t have to hear the same tired hits all day, every day. I found real people who inspired me, amazed me, frustrated me, educated me. It was so unlike everything I’d grown up with on the radio. If you remember that day or just don’t want to know what life is like without truly alternative radio, please support Pledge-O-Rama.

If you want me to stop thinking up reasons to support Pledge-O-Rama and get back to doing all of the other important things that I’ve been neglecting, please support Pledge-O-Rama!


Secure online donation form:


Canadian Indie Music 2CD Sampler 1989:

Colin James DVD & signed original script:

Stan Rogers signed CBC cheque stub:

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