UMFM & Sunset Saloon are Gettin’ Serious this Fall!

UMFM’s first Pledge-O-Rama is getting close. Very close. October 19-26 we take to the airwaves and hope you’ll help us to keep going long and strong. UMFM needs a little help to beef up the bank account, it’s true, but this is also a great opportunity for us to get you involved and build some love. We’ll love you back, with some amazing prizes and incentives. The Music Angels page has been updated with prizes, incentives, and photos of the snazzy new mugs, shirts, and tote bags. We’ve got lots of them, but shirt sizes will be first-come first served during pledge drive, and you’ll have to pick them up yourself! How inconveient is that? (well, not very, actually, but…) Anyone who pre-pledges can get their hands on the t-shirt size of their choice AND have it delivered to your door! PLUS, we’ve amassed an amazing amount of awesome incentives (enough alliteration, already!) to give away on Tell the Band to Go Home and Steel Belted Radio. Pre-pledgers can PICK YOUR OWN PRIZE PACK! If you’re willing to sort through the list of prizes available now on the website, we’ll set aside the stuff you really want. I’ll be getting in touch with folks who have already sent in their pledges, and you can get in on the fun. Ready to show your support? Let’s talk.

Also, The Sunset Saloon is preparing for a super-busy stretch, with 3 amazing shows still to come before the end of the year (and lots in the works for the new year!)

Nov. 5, 2012 – Brock Zeman returns for his third appearance! It’s been a couple of years, but our first and arguably most popular performer returns, this time, with his talented trio. This is sure to be a rockin’ good time!

Nov. 21, 2012 – Murdoch & Sparrow! James Murdoch & Jay Sparrow have built great solo careers, but have now teamed up as a duo, even greater than the sum of its talented parts. They’ve got a great rockin’ concept record out and they wowed the lucky folks in attendance at the last show starring The Mike Plume Band at the Park Theatre, a while back. This promises to be a fun way to end a stellar year at Sunset Saloon!

And… there’s one more amazing event to be announced. I’m not allowed to tell you much yet, but mark Oct. 29 on your calendar. You will not want to miss this one!

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