Brock Zeman returns to Sunset Saloon, Nov. 5!

We are very pleased to welcome back our very first headliner at Sunset Saloon, and definitely one of our most popular, Brock Zeman on November 5! He christened the Sunset Saloon back in 2009 and returned for another great show in 2010, but it’s been a couple of years, which means that he’s written a lot of great songs since then, including the ones that make up his most recent, and one of the very best albums of 2011, Me Then You.


Brock Zeman (trio)
Monday, November 5
Suggested donation $15-20
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever)
As usual, you can bring a beverage of your choice or food to share, but we’ll have plenty of both on hand, so feel free to enjoy whatever’s on hand!

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Brock Zeman isn’t all that old (he was born in the 80s!), but he’s obviously got an old soul, because he writes with a depth and wisdom well beyond his years. He’s also got a songwriting style and quality that fits in with the Texas songwriting greats, even though he’s from Southern Ontario. The guy’s too prolific and too talented to be believed, yet there’s wonderful authenticity in everything he does.

Brock’s right-hand man, the multi-talented Blair Hogan

Over the course of 9 albums and countless tours, Zeman has established himself as a respected and renowned songwriter who has played concerts and festivals all over North America. Whether it’s solo, or with a backing band, Zeman’s shows are always engaging and intimate, but you won’t find a more intimate and amazing environment to catch a show than my living room. He’ll be bringing his talented rhythm section along for a memorable performance at The Sunset Saloon on Nov. 5.

In addition to songwriting and performing, Zeman also founded Mud Records a few years ago to help spread the word about other artists that he’s passionate about. Recently, he produced an album for Tennessee songwriting legend Tom House, which has been hailed as House’s finest work, largely thanks to the input and guidance of Brock Zeman.

He’ll have a million songs to draw from and a whole bunch of stories to tell.

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