TTBTGH/SBR Pledge-O-Rama Exclusive CD Compilation!

Everyone who pledges to either Tell the Band to Go Home or Steel Belted Radio during UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama, Oct. 18-25 will receive a copy of The Best of 2012, a collection of great musical moments and memories from last year!

For 10 years I put these together and gave them away at Christmas time. It took me 10 friggin’ years to figure out that taking on a time-consuming, expensive project like that at Christmas time is just plain nutty! Now, we’re rolling it out at Pledge-O-Rama time, as thanks and recognition for your generous support.

If you’re new to the package, there are 2 discs of my favourite songs from the year (one mellower and one more rockin’), as well as a CD of live performances from Tell the Band to Go Home and Steel Belted Radio throughout the year, and/or an .mp3 CD containing all of the above PLUS a collection of leftovers! We’ll give it to you in the fading CD format or hook you up with a link to download it at your leisure.

Full track listing is available by request (although I do like to think that you’ll listen to it and be surprised as you go. I’m delusional sometimes). Below is the snazzy cover art. I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection, and as always, I hope that you’ll find it in your heart to support these talented, amazing artists who make this music that I love so much!

Disc 1: Mellower Moments

Disc 2: Rockin’ Recordings


Disc 3: Live on UMFM 2012


Disc 4: .mp3 collection


All you have to do to get your own copy of any or all of these, and/or the digital download is make a pledge to Tell the Band to Go Home or Steel Belted Radio as part of UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama!

Anything entered here is emailed directly to us (not posted publicly):

Anything entered below may be posted publicly. We love feedback, so please consider it:


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