Sunparlour Players @ Sunset Saloon, Oct. 29!

It was a super busy fall for us at the Sunset Saloon with Brock Zeman returning on Nov. 5 and Murdoch & Sparrow playing for us on Nov. 21, but when this possibility came along, it was way too good to turn down.

I am beyond excited to announce that one of the most exciting and interesting live bands in Canada will be making a stop at Sunset Saloon on Monday, Oct. 29!

Sunparlour Players
Monday, October 29, 2012
7:30 pm

$20 suggested donation (all proceeds to the artists)
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, or whoever might tag along!)
As usual, you can bring a beverage of your choice to enjoy or some food to share, but we’ll have plenty of both on hand, so it’s not necessary, so feel free to show up and enjoy whatever’s on hand!
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Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below!

I’d never even heard of Sunparlour Players the first time I saw them; they were opening for Elliott BROOD at The West End Cultural Centre. Opening for the BROOD is no small task, up until that point, I considered the BROOD to be the best live band in Canada. The Sunparlour setup got my attention even before they began, three positions along the front of the stage, each with a bass kick drum set up. There was a full drum kit along with a variety of other instruments. Three guys came out and sat down and proceeded to blow my mind. They’re well dressed, always in nice suits, but quickly sweating through them and getting more disheveled as the night went on.

They’re a dynamic band, and the genre/style is hard to pin down, because a Sunparlour Players show seems to contain just about everything. They can swing from quiet, haunting, acoustic ballads to all-out electrified rock ‘n roll; just listen to their first album, Hymns for the Happy, as dynamic and unpredictable as an album could be, but brilliant through and through. That’s one I wouldn’t want to live without.

I’ve seen this band a bunch of times now, they put in a set for Neilfest at Times Change(d), opened for Wil at the Park Theatre, played an amazing set at the Folk Exchange, and they opened for The Wooden Sky at the West End. Every show has been amazing and memorable.

Finally, they graduated to the big time and headlined their own show at the West End. Sadly (very sadly), I couldn’t make it. I couldn’t stand to miss out on the opportunity to see this great band, so I had to pitch a house concert. Much to my delight, they went for it.

I also couldn’t pass up the chance to get my hands on some of their legendary Sunparlour Preserves. They’ve sold me a beet jelly, a red-pepper spread, and the always reliable handsome mustard. I’m almost as big a fan of the preserves as I am of the music. Besides, what other band hauls hundreds of little jars of mustard across Canada on a concert tour? You gotta love these guys, for a bunch of reasons.

But again, it all comes down to the music, and the music is amazing. I promise you friends, whatever you like, whether you want to rock out a bit or like the quieter folkier numbers, this band has something for you. This will be an amazing show. Please join us for this one!

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