Transmissions from UMFM CD

Transmissions From UMFM 101.5

This collection showcases a small sample of Winnipeg’s local talent that UMFM’s show hosts and volunteers draw upon and broadcast every hour of every day. Winnipeg has a long history of producing big name acts, cult-classics, diamonds-in-the-rough, punk rock legends, and “must-see” bands and artists. And UMFM is extremely proud to have played a big part over the years in getting the word out about all of them.

These 2 cd’s represent a small piece of what was happening in the Winnipeg music scene during 2012. It is by no means definitive. To tell the complete story, we’d have to compile a box-set sized collection of hundreds of songs from a huge number of diverse bands – and we’d probably still end up missing a few.

The first disc is a collection of songs released by some of UMFM’s favorite Winnipeg artists and bands in the last year or so. All of these artists made an appearance on the UMFM Top 35 Chart, and many went on to crack the national charts – one band (KEN Mode) even won a Juno Award! Roots, rock and roll, punk, metal, rap, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop are all represented and our hope is that you search out the albums these tracks originally appeared on and find some more yet-to-be discovered favorites.

The second disc contains special material. These are one-off recordings captured live-off-the-floor at the UMFM studio. The songs on this disc are a sample of the live, in-the-moment performances that UMFM volunteers have been lucky enough to capture over the past year. It serves as a testimonial to the great things that can happen when Winnipeg’s music-makers and independent-radio volunteers get together.

If you are reading this, we sincerely hope that you’re about to make a donation or contribution in some way to UMFM, and perhaps more importantly, you are probably one of our listeners. THANK YOU! You may not play guitar in a band or volunteer to host a show, but you are nonetheless a huge part (perhaps the most important part…) of what makes volunteer, community-based radio so special. So spread the word: Tell your friends about your favorite UMFM show, play this cd in your car (loud!), go see one of the bands featured in this collection, or become a volunteer at the station. Most importantly…keep listening!

Remember, the only way to get your hands on one of these special compilations is to support UMFM’s Pledge-O-Rama! These are available with a minimum $25 pledge, which is a small price to pay for this great, limited edition compilation of Winnipeg music!

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