Shannon Lyon @ Sunset Saloon, July 21!

Tell the Band to Go Home and The Sunset Saloon are very excited to present:

Shannon Lyon
Outdoor potluck dinner & entertainment spectacular
July 21, 2012
5:00 dinner, 6:00 show
Suggested donation $15-20 (price flexible, all proceeds to a talented musician making his way across this vast country)
Bring a lawn chair if the weather is nice (perhaps bug spray…)
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever)
Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below!

We’re rolling out all the stops this time for a super show at Sunset Saloon, featuring Shannon Lyon. We’re going to try doing the show in the back yard, if the weather and the bugs don’t ruin the party. With that in mind, we want to get things rolling and over somewhat early, so we’re adding in a dinner component. If you want to come a bit early, bring a dish for a good old fashioned pot-luck. In reality, you don’t have to bring a thing, because we’ve always got you covered. But some kind and generous folks usually bring stuff anyway (we love ’em for it), and really, who doesn’t love a good pot-luck? You can opt in or out of the dinner festivities without guilt. We’ll be here. If you show up to eat, we’ll feed you. If not, we hope to see you at the show. It promises to be amazing.

Shannon will also be performing in Winnipeg at Pop Soda’s Coffee House on July 24.

The first time I heard Shannon Lyon was around the time of the release of his 2003 breakthrough album, “Wandered.” He was the first Canadian artist signed to Richard Branson’s V2 label, and as such, his album got sent out to media dorks like me. I hope that most of them had the same reaction as I did, “WOW!” That album remains one of my all-time favourite releases. It’s gritty and worn, but tender and melodic. It’s powerful and intense, but it contains some really beautiful lyrics. I got to see Shannon live once, when he opened for Luther Wright & The Wrongs at The West End Cultural Centre on their big “Rebuild the Wall” tour. I was blown away. I gave him my business card and told him to keep in touch.

Well, that took a while. I can’t blame the guy, I was a dork and he was on a whirlwind promotional tour. He also lived in Holland. Although from southern Ontario, he moved to Europe and spent most of his time making music and touring overseas. He continued to release terrific albums, most of which were distributed in Canada by the wonderful folks at Busted Flat Records, which has been Shannon’s Canadian base of operations throughout most of his singer/songwriter career (he did record a few early albums as “The Shannon Lyon Pop Explosion.” They’re pretty neat too. I’ll play ’em for you when you come over.) He recorded a bunch of neat stuff in Europe, including a DVD and a rockin’ album of Townes Van Zandt covers. He also put out a really strong album called “This Love This Love,” and eventually, he dropped me a line telling me about it.

Then, a while ago, things really started moving. The long-rumoured Townes CD surfaced online, along with another new CD, “XMas in Korea” as well as a career-spanning retrospective collection, simply called “Songs.” And what songs they are. The amazing thing about all of these albums is that Shannon put them online to download, FREE (although, good-hearted folk are encouraged to pay anyway. Once you hear these songs, you’ll know that they’re worth some money.) He moved back to Canada, ending up in BC, and he started making plans to head across the country this summer, camping and singing along the way. He was looking for places to stop. You can’t get to one end of the country to the other without passing through Winnipeg – it simmply can’t be done – so, probably thanks to Allison Green, he dropped me a line asking if I knew of a place he could play. Uh, YEAH!

He also put up a brand new recording, “Broken Things,” which is definitely one of his best. We made plans to get him to Winnipeg and keep him here as long as possible. He has a show booked at Pop Soda’s on July 24th. I strongly encourage you to be there; I know I will. But most excitingly for me, we’re also going to have a show at The Sunset Saloon on July 21. That’s a pretty special day in our house, and we’ll be looking to celebrate. We’d love it if you would join us for the party.


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