Tell the Band to Go Home on-air open house, June 5!

For quite some time now, UMFM has been undergoing some much-needed renovations. It was time to get rid of the old gear from 1972 and leap into the modern age. Our studios got a much needed makeover, and we’ve added some nifty new features.

Now, we’d love to show you the results! Starting Sunday, June 5, 2011, UMFM is hosting its first Open House event, where you are invited to come down and take a tour of the place where all of t…he magic happens. You’ll get to meet your favourite show hosts and see how we put the shows together.

And, since it kicks off on a Sunday, Tell the Band to Go Home will get things going in grand style. We can’t give away all of our secrets yet (mostly because they haven’t been confirmed), but we’re working on having some great prizes, super snacks, and talented special guests!

What have we got planned? Well, we’re working on the final details, but some ideas we’re looking at:
  • Great prizes! CDs galore, merchandise, concert tickets, including a pair of tickets to see Meaghan Smith & Del Barber at WECC on June 9!
  • Treats. Cake? Candy? Good stuff.
  • I’m going to try to convince Carter to come down with animal questions and jokes ready to go. Who knows, if he’s in a good enough mood, maybe even Jeremy can come! Jaine? Lucy? Elysha? We’ll try! Who knows, maybe even T-Bar will come that week!
  • I’m publicly calling on Ron and Dean to come down and say hi. Folks hear you call in and hear us talk about you, now it’s time to come and show your face!
  • Special live performances! We’ll be calling on our musical friends in hopes that they’ll come and strum a few for you! It’s super cool to be part of such an intimate audience when amazing music happens. Come see!
  • Plan a set! Remember the TTBTGH Invitational Events? We haven’t done one of those in a while, but it’s time. What happens at those is that we open up the airwaves for YOU to take over the show and hear the music we’re missing and tell us some stories we haven’t heard! I learned a lot from past guest hosts like Oly, Dom, Jenny, Stu, and more. Share your knowledge and passion!
And that’s just the beginning. We’ll let you know as we get plans finalized. Whatever you do, please mark it on your calendar and get on down to UMFM on June 5 or June 9 (or any time during the week, really)!

We couldn’t do it without you! Plan to come on down and say hi and take it all in. You can even bring in your own requests, dedications, or whatever you think the show is missing. You’re more than welcome to play a song, say hi to your mom, or just tell me how great I am on-air. I’m serious about most of that.

Mark it on your calendar and get on down to the UMFM open house, starting June 5! Check back here for updates on special guests appearing, prize lists, tempting treats, and more. As we confirm them, we’ll post it here first!

email us if you have questions, requests, suggestions, want to plan part of the show, or just want to come down: tellthebandtogohome at gmail dot com

Check out the Facebook Event page

U of M parking map (please note, parking in front of the station on Chancellor’s Circle is NOT FREE anymore, although there are plenty of free lots available on the weekend


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