Sunday, January 30 – No show!

Just a quick, slightly overdue warning that something will surely be missing in your life today. I know I feel a little lost and confused. Tell the Band to Go Home is pre-empted today for a live broadcast of University of Manitoba Bisons Womens’ Hockey. Because after all, the only thing more exciting than amateur women’s hockey is amateur women’s hockey on the radio…

If we’re good (and we’re rarely good), Jared will let us come back next week. In the meantime, what the heck do we do with a Sunday off?

if you’re feeling that void in your life this afternoon, consider heading over to the downloads page and picking a favourite episode from the past, or, God forbid, one you missed and haven’t checked out already. I considered making a new podcast for you today, until I realized that there were literally HUNDREDS for you to choose from already. The iTunes feed (which I realize isn’t entirely up to date, SORRY!) goes back to 2007, and the website has shows dating back to 2002! I’m pretty sure you should be able to find something to listen to with a selection like that.

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