John Wort Hannam Band Live @ Sunset Saloon, Oct. 2!

We’ve confirmed our next guest at Sunset Saloon, and boy is it an exciting show!

John Wort Hannam (and trio!)
Saturday, October 2
Sunset Saloon

John Wort Hannam

If you’ve never heard John Wort Hannam before, prepare to be surprised. I know I sure was, when our old pal Dave Lang first brought him into the studio years ago. All it took was one song from John (“Scotsman’s Bluff”) and I was hooked for life. He’s got a powerhouse voice that is unmistakable and unforgettable, strong playing, and what powerful songs. Listen to “Infantryman” from his Two Bit Suit CD (or the Live on UMFM 2007) or “Pier 21” from his newest disc, Queen’s Hotel, and try not to weep. Go ahead, try. Can’t do it. The guy should at least be on the same level as James Keelaghan and David Francey, but instead, he’s playing my living room. It won’t be long before that changes, friends, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity, while you can.

Guy Clark & John Wort Hannam

And, as if that weren’t enough of a draw, Jaine has already started thinking about the next amazing, exclusive, limited-edition flavour of Ben & Jeremy’s Ice Cream. Everyone who had a taste of “Christina Maraschino” at our last house show was blown away. We could have sold gallons of it, but instead, it’s available for consumption the night of the show ONLY. We’ll take what we learned from the last batch and make it even better this time around. DON’T MISS OUT!!!


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