Important Message from Red House Records

Red House Records is one of THE great/important independent folk/roots labels anywhere. They have great people, a great philosophy, and they put out great music. Not all of it is for me, but I stand wholeheartedly behind the label and what it stands for. They put out music for Greg Brown, The Wailin’ Jennys, Guy Davis, and a whole lot more. They’re not going anywhere (I hope), and they’re not asking for a handout. What they are asking is that if you do buy Red House products (and I sure hope that you do), you do it from them. Start with their anniversary box set which came out not too long ago. That’s a real treasure-trove of great folk/roots music.

Dear Red House Records fans,

Buy Direct is the message of this important note to you, our dedicated fans.

The reason is simple. We know you love the music we bring to you and we want to be able to continue that mission. But it’s getting harder and harder to stay independent and successful. One way you can help is to continue to buy Red House releases direct from us (by phone or on our web site) or at your local independent record store. And, please encourage your friends to do the same. When you buy direct from us, Red House and its artists can remain financially viable. That’s how we’ll stay alive and healthy – producing the best in folk, Americana, blues and acoustic-based music.

The word on the street is that labels are irrelevant. That couldn’t be farther from the truth when you’re talking about independent labels like Red House. In contrast to major labels, Red House Records honors its artists, committed always to their artistic integrity and freedom. We treat our artists like family, fairly and with respect. We give our all each day to provide them with an array of services – marketing, promotions and publicity, shipping, artist relations and operations – which enables them to devote their time to their passion: songwriting and performing.

Locally owned and independent -it’s a hard row to hoe – with all the buy-outs, take-overs and Wal-Marts in every town. But with your help we will persevere and continue to be more than a “label.” We will continue to be the Red House family, bringing together artists and music lovers in common cause. You’ll never have to wade through the thousands of yearly releases to find the quality music you want; it’s right here at Red House Records.

Please call or e-mail us anytime. We are real, live people here in St. Paul at the end of the phone line and behind the web site. And we love hearing from you.

Again, thanks for buying direct from Red House and supporting music-making on a human scale, where our walk and talk really match, where roots meet the here and now!

All of us at Red House Records!

Red House Records, Inc.
PO Box 4044
St. Paul MN 55104

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