New Music tonight on SBFRR

Well, that’s my plan, anyway, but anyone who’s ever heard Steel Belted Radio knows that things never really go as planned…

I’m currently fixated by the new CD from our friend Leeroy Stagger. This kid’s been on my radar for a few years now, and every record has been better than the last one (well, except for that one produced by Danny Michel, which didn’t quite do justice to the songs, but anyway…), so it should come as no surprise that this one is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but I guess I was expecting something different. The demos I heard on Myspace and the stuff that’s been said about the record led me to believe that it was a more rockin’, dirty sounding affair, which would have been just fine with me, but the fact that it’s the most listenable, relaxed, enjoyable affair of this guy’s already impressive career is just blowing me away. Buy this one, and buy it now, because it is one of this year’s best. Fo. Sho.

Joel Plaskett’s new disc “Three” is a sweeping triple disc affair. With three discs worth, some is bound to be stellar and some is bound to be filler, and there’s no doubt that both are true, but there are some gems that I’ll try to dig up for you.

Just got Slaid Cleaves’ new disc “Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away.” Haven’t listened to that yet (Leeroy is going to need another listen, I can tell already, it’s just getting better and better), but Slaid is a sure-fire winner, so you know you’ll be hearing something from here.

I finally bought the latest My Morning Jacket. How one album can have such a mix of some of the best songs of last year, and some of the strangest, I just can’t figure, but it’s got both.

Picked up this new Gospel compilation that looks promising. It’s downstairs and I’m lazy, so you’ll have to tune in to check it out. New Patty Griffin on there (but there’s also Jon Bon Jovi and 3 Doors Down, so it’s not all good…) Also a track from the Rev. Al Green who I’m very excited to be seeing in June.

I just ordered up the new Todd Snider disc. It’s not actually out until June, but the record company (Yep Roc) is offering this super cool boxed set edition for super nerds like me, which features extras aplenty including bonus tracks, DVDs, photos, and much more. The Yep Roc site hasn’t been working worth crap today, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to download the bonus tracks which are supposed to be waiting for me, but I’ll keep trying!

Got the new Indigo Girls CD, and coming on the heels of their last CD, which I loved, I figured this was an easy bet, but I wasn’t blown over by the main disc right away. I say main disc because there’s a bonus disc of the entire album done acoustically, which I actually liked quite a bit more.

Wish I could remember what else I got recently, but tune in to SBFRR tonight at 6:30 to find out!

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