One to check out – Lucero

I’m finding myself really impressed and slightly obsessed with a band called Lucero at the moment. I first looked them up a couple of years ago when NQ Arbuckle covered one of their songs at the Trout Forest Music Festival. That song was “Slow Dancing” off their album Tennessee, and it’s still probably my favourite song of theirs, although I’m digging into the catalogue and finding some other gems. Last night I stayed up too late watching a documentary DVD called “Dreaming in America,” which really shows them as they are, warts and all. The band is one of the few who can really claim to straddle the line between punk and country and pull it off (many claim, but I’ve heard few that can back it up.) They’re schooled on country but play with piss & vinegar that can only come down the line from punk rock. Some very interesting, vivid lyrics and a kick ass band to back them up make for some of the most interesting music around. They’ve got a bunch of records out. I’d seek them out if you haven’t already. Definitely one for the Steel Belted crowd more than the Band Go Home crowd, but I think pretty much anyone will find something to like. Check ‘em out.

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