Podcast: February 2, 2020

Episode #822 An impressive amount of great local music made it on air today as we celebrated Juno nominations, concerts past and present, mourned the apparent loss of our house band, dove into some great new music, and more! download … Continue reading

Podcast: January 12, 2020 – More than Two Good Years

Episode #819 Prerecorded today, and another in our list of standby episodes that you may end up hearing some other time, but the music is so good that you surely won’t mind. This time I found a way to make … Continue reading

Podcast: December 27, 2019 – The Epic Marathon of Mudge II

It’s back! Again! A full day of wonderful, weird, and WTF music. Things start out great with some of the very best of 2019, we move into some great ‘Mats music, spin some requests and suggestions, some of the recently … Continue reading

Podcast: December 22, 2019 – Christmas Classics

Episode #817 Today’s show is full of great, classic Christmas songs that definitely do not suck. We also threw in a few non-holiday requests just for fun. From us here at Tell the Band to Go Home, we wish all … Continue reading

Podcast: December 8, 2019

Episode #815 Pre-recorded today with some nifty odds & ends, including extended tributes to Merle Haggard & Tom Waits, some nifty new music, cool tips stolen from Big D, and one final reminder to check out Corin Raymond’s Winnipeg CD … Continue reading

Podcast: Dec. 1, 2019 w/Scott Nolan & Glenn Buhr

Episode #814 There are some exciting events coming up over the next week, and the two biggest are happening at The West End Cultural Centre, and Scott Nolan has a hand in both of them! Next Sunday our pal Corin … Continue reading