Lynn Miles presents Songs for the Darkest Night!

Lynn Miles @ The Sunset Saloon, Aug. 7, 2014!If you’re a follower of the show or know me at all, you know that I LOVE Lynn Miles. She’s a bit of a dark soul, just like me, and she captures so much of the sadness and darkness in life, and injects a note of hope, and a lot of beauty. She’s a wonderful artist, and as we found out this summer, she’s a wonderful person as well. All of that makes me want to support whatever she does, but sometimes, a project is just extra special and extra interesting.

One wouldn’t automatically connect Lynn with the sounds of the Christmas season, but she’s been working on a project that will bring to life a bunch of songs that she’s written and will perform as part this month, called “Songs for the Darkest Night.” (you may have heard a couple of advance tracks on my shows lately!) She’s got a sold out show happening in Ottawa this month, and I so wish I could be there. This summer, I urged her to record the show so that the rest of us could see it. It looks like she’s taking that idea and creating a DVD of the event. If all goes well, she even hopes to take the show on the road next year!

lynn miles dark niteBut first she needs a little help getting the DVD made. She’s started up a Kickstarter campaign to help with the production costs. I know Lynn and I trust her. I know that she’s not doing this campaign to be greedy, I know that she needs to. I also know that she will do an amazing job, and many of us will benefit by being able to see this show.

I’ve given her a donation, and I urge you to support her if you are able. A pledge of $30 gets you a copy of the DVD mailed to you when it’s complete. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t reach her goal in a short amount of time, the DVD won’t be made, so I encourage you to buy a few copies or just donate more than $30! Tune in to my shows to hear songs and more about the project.

Please check out the project here!

Find out more at Lynn’s website:

Check out my chat with Lynn, including live performances!

Lynn & Scott Nolan, live at The Sunset Saloon:


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