TTBTGH & SBFRR have some big news for YOU!

Just in from another great show, Leeroy Stagger live at the StuDome this evening. Those in attendance know that it was a magical evening, as usual. Those folks will surely be eager to see another exciting, intimate, amazing night of music. Lucky for them, there’s another stellar show yet to come this week. For those who missed out, there’s still one more chance to redeem yourself:

Christina Martin, live at Sunset Saloon (my living room), Thursday, August 12, 2010. We’ll try to get going early for the workin’ stiffs (7 or 7:30) but those with the time off or the stamina are welcome to stay late! You’ll get an evening of entertainment you won’t forget, food, St. James Pale Ale on tap, an exclusive new flavour of Ben & Jeremy’s Ice Cream in honour of our guest, and your chance at taking home some amazing music and merchandise!

Everyone is welcome to join us, and there’s plenty of room, so bring a few friends. Even if you don’t know us, you’re welcome to join us, so just email ( if you have any questions or want to join us. We’re family friendly (bring the kids, FREE), admission is by anonymous donation, and all of the money goes to the artist (except of course that which you want to donate to the MS Society!)

As for that merchandise mentioned above, last year when Christina stopped in at Sunset Saloon, it was around the same time of year. Every year for the past few, I’ve taken part in the MS Bike Tour, which has a whole bunch of really fit people, and one fat out of shape radio dude, riding their bikes from Stonewall to Gimli. For those of you who don’t know what that means – it’s FAR. Then we ride back again. Why? To raise money for a really important cause. At last year’s show, I had my very own music sale with all of the proceeds going to the MS Society. It was a huge success (and cleared out a bunch of stuff that I really don’t need any more), so this year, we’re doing it again!

What can you take home? Well, get this: TWO SIGNED Brandi Carlile CDs. These are two of the most amazing CDs of the last decade by an artist who is absolutely destined to be a major star and a true legend some day. Seriously. She’s getting huge these days, but she was kind enough to chat with us on the weekend (more about that later) and sign some CDs. We haven’t figured out whether to do a raffle or an auction or what, but some lucky person will take home a bit of history.

What else? BRAND NEW CDs from the likes of Nathan, Two Hours Traffic, Martin Sexton, Swank (coolest CD package EVER and one of the best discs of 2004, for sure), Ruth Moody, Wendy Bird (her amazing Jeffrey Hatcher tribute CD), and MORE! We’ve got slightly used copies of The Avett Brothers, Lori McKenna, Wyckham Porteous, and MORE! We’ll dig up some DVDs, books, t-shirts, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Last year it was name-your-own-price and first-come-first-served, but I’ll see if we come up with a better idea, otherwise, get here quick and be ready to donate some cash to a very worthwhile cause. Of course, if you want to get your donation in by credit card in advance, go ahead: we’ll be glad to honour your donation when you get here! Every dollar counts, so even if you donate a few bucks, it all adds up, and it’s all much appreciated, I assure you.

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