Podcast: August 13, 2023: Jim Bryson & Associates

** SPOILER ALERT! This show will air on UMFM on Aug. 13 but is being released early as a podcast to commemorate Jim Bryson’s appearance in Winnipeg and at The Trout Forest Music Festival. Enjoy it in advance of the live broadcast, load it up for the ride home from Trout, or just ignore this and listen “live” on Sunday, as you wish! **

Episode #1000

It’s our 1000th episode, but in true TTBTGH fashion, we’re going to forego the festivities for another week so we can do something a little special. In hour 1, we’ve got some exciting upcoming shows to preview. This show was recorded just before our friend Jim Bryson came to town for a show at my house and to head out to the Trout Forest Music Festival. I’ve said for years that Jim is a true cornerstone of my collection, and of Canadian music in general, because he’s helped, inspired, and produced an incredible list of artists. To prove that, I dug up as many of the projects that Jim’s been a part of as I could. In the end, I had more than 4 hours of material to fit into two hours of the show, so there’s plenty left over, but I think it presents a pretty in-depth look at the remarkable career of one of Canada’s true most valuable musicians. If you’re looking for a more straight up “best of” Jim’s own material, check out last week’s show.

Next week, I plan to have something special to mark the 1000th episode.

** Note: This show was recorded before news broke that Robbie Robertson had died. Obviously, his influence on the music that I play on this show is immense, so we’ll pay proper tribute soon. **

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Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Kathleen Edwards & Jim Bryson – Somewhere Else – live recording – CDN

upcoming shows:
Andrina Turenne – Out of Luck – Bold as Logs – CDN
Mike Boguski – Five Days in May – Detour – CDN
Whitehorse – Dark Angel – The Road To Massey Hall – CDN
Blue Rodeo w/Suzie Ungerleider – Bad Timing – live recording – CDN

Shawna Caspi – Lay Low Shadow – Hurricane Coming – CDN
Sarah Hiltz – Retching In The Wings – Calm Fury – CDN
Rebekah Hawker – Lonely – Lonely – CDN

Sean Burns – Destroy Me – Lost Country – CDN – WPG
Sean Burns – Drinkin’ Me Six Foot Under – Lost Country – CDN – WPG
Scott Nolan Band – If I Could Only Leave Here – American Hotel – CDN – WPG
The Burning Hell – Men Without Hats – Public Library – CDN

Jim Bryson’s Associates:
Kathleen Edwards – 12 Bellevue – Failer – CDN
Kathleen Edwards – I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory – Asking for Flowers – CDN
David Myles – Cape Breton – On The Line – CDN
Graven – Legend of You – Years – CDN
Ken Yates – Keep Your Head Down – Huntsville – CDN
Tanya Davis – Tra-La-La – Clocks and Hearts Keep Going – CDN

Lynn Miles – Goodbye – Fall for Beauty – CDN
Oh Susanna – Oregon – Namedropper – CDN
Evangeline Gentle – Sundays – Evangeline Gentle – CDN
Kate Maki – Over – Confusion Unlimited – CDN

Sarah Harmer – Silver Road – All Of Our Names – CDN
Justin Rutledge – Greenwich Time – Man Descending – CDN
Skydiggers – Questions of Love – Let’s Get Friendship Right – CDN

Early & Rare material:
Punchbuggy – Dressed For Success – Grand Opening Going Out Of Business Sale – CDN
Punchbuggy – Pat Benatar – All Nite Christian Rollerskate – CDN
Jim Bryson – I’m Not The One – “I Said Sometimes!”~A Tribute To Bum – CDN
Jim Bryson – The Same Time Every Year – Kelpmitzvah – CDN
Jim Bryson – Grey Cup Sunday – A Country Blues Christmas: The 2010 Zunior Holiday Album – CDN
Jim Bryson – Half Price (featuring Amanada Rheaume) – Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada VI – CDN
Jeremy Fisher & Jim Bryson – Mama I Know – Catch & Release Vol. 2 – CDN
OwlMountainRadar – I dreamed I was sweeping – Bluey Pink ep – CDN
Jim Bryson – Dressed – unreleased – CDN

Michael Feuerstack – Lost and Found (feat. Jim Bryson) – Singer Songer – CDN
Chris Page – Guilt Trip Fashion – Sell Out Slow – CDN
Owen Meany’s Batting Stance – The Androgynous Hockey Stick – Feather Weights – CDN
Astral Swans – Bird Songs – Astral Swans – CDN
Andy Swan – Can I Pay You With Sunshine? – Ottawa – CDN

Alanna Gurr – Life of the Party – Life of the Party – CDN
Skye Wallace – Long Way Down – Something Wicked – CDN
Larissa Tandy – I won’t Let You Go – The Grip – CDN
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson – The Wake – Theory of Ice – CDN
Kalle Mattson & summersets – pass me by – small town sunday – CDN

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