Podcast: Aug. 22, 2021: Quitters, Ghosts, & Where Are They Now

Episode #902

Every once in a while you notice that an artist or band that you loved or saw a bunch of times seems to be missing in action. Sometimes a band or artist will just give up the hectic, unpredictable, stressful, dangerous life of a touring musician, and sometimes they’ll just drop a little further off the radar, still making music that you might not necessarily even know about. This episode compiles some of those artists and bands and we track a few down and wonder about some others.

This is another in our long line of timeless “standby” episodes that you might hear again some day when I’m not able to come up with a new show. It’s full of great music, so I’m sure you won’t mind. Heck, you might just want to come back and revisit it on your own some time!

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Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Kathleen Edwards – Glenfern – Total Freedom – CDN

Alana Levandoski – All God’s Children Ain’t Free – Hymns from the Icons – CDN – MB
Kate Maki – Over – Confusion Unlimited – CDN
Kayla Howran – Country Radio – Spare Parts – CDN
Eddi Reader – California – Angels & Electricity
Michelle Shocked – Anchorage – Short Sharp Shocked

Amanda Marshall – Let It Rain – Amanda Marshall – CDN
Bourbon Tabernacle Choir – Waiting In A Hurry – Superior Cackling Hen – CDN
Hemingway Corner – Watch Over You – Under The Big Sky – CDN
Thomas Trio and the Red Albino – 142 Thru – Thomas Trio and the Red Albino – CDN
Rheostatics – Rearview – Here Come the Wolves – CDN

Rory McLeod – Farewell Welfare (Part 1) – Angry Love

Bruce Knauer – All Night Breakfast Special – All Night Breakfast Special – CDN
Ox – She Shot Me Down – Dust Bowl Revival – CDN
SWANK – Lost respects – The Survival Issue – CDN
The Wheat Pool – Evergreen – Township – CDN
James Murdoch Band – Headspins – Between The Lines – CDN
The Rocky Fortune – Drop me in the well – Sway – CDN

Greg Brown – If I Had Known – Down In There
Tom T. Hall – That’s How I Got to Memphis – Greatest Hits
Bob Snider – Talk To Me Babe – Caterwaul & Doggerel – CDN
David Wiffen – Skybound Station – Coast To Coast Fever – CDN
Wyckham Porteous – Deep Into The Water – 3AM – CDN
Brothers Cosmoline – Motel 6 – Songs Of Work And Freedom – CDN

Warped 45s – Live Bait – Matador Sunset – CDN
Dustin Bentall – Take the Money and Run – Six Shooter – CDN

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