Playlist: Episode #829, March 22, 2020

Due to essential self-isolation measures, we’ll be pre-recording for the foreseeable future. We’ll keep bringing you new content to keep you entertained and connected at this difficult time.

This week, the new music is drying up because new releases are being postponed, but we’ve got a bunch anyway. We’ve also got news on the booming world of online concerts and how you can help artists.

Friends, we need each other like we never have before. Help yourself, help others, and reach out to someone, because we all need that contact right now!

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Geoff Berner – The True Enemy – Whiskey Rabbi – CDN

Pops Staples – Friendship – Don’t Lose This
Mavis Staples – In Times Like These – Have A Little Faith
The Damnwells – I Will Keep The Bad Things From You – Bastards Of The Beat

Ken Yates – Surviving Is Easy – Quiet Talkers – CDN
Jill Barber – Le monde est beau – single – CDN
Jennah Barry – Rocket – Holiday – CDN
Paul Kelly – Sleep Australia – single
Paul Kelly – Native Born – Songs For Australia
The Bros. Landreth – Goodbye (feat. Mariel Buckley) – Something New, Something Blue – CDN – WPG

The Bros. Landreth – When I Call Your Name (feat. Mariel Buckley) – Something New, Something Blue – CDN – WPG
Gabe Lee – Susannah – Honky Tonk Hell

Brock Zeman – Walking in the Dark – Pulling Your Sword out of the Devil’s Back – CDN
Brock Zeman – Little Details – Pulling Your Sword out of the Devil’s Back – CDN
Brock Zeman – Until It Bleeds – Me Then You – CDN
Stephen Fearing – No Country – The Unconquerable Past – CDN

Express and Company – Carry Me Along – Ontario – CDN
Dylan Ireland – Silver Screen – Every Other Night – CDN
Melissa Payne – September Skies – Darker Than Your Dark – CDN
Mayhemingways – Wanderers – Hunter St. Blues – CDN

Jim Bryson – Mama Tried – single – CDN
Colleen Brown – It’s The End Of The World (Again) – single – CDN
Dennis Ellsworth – Call Me Anytime – Stay Away…I Love You – CDN
Dennis Ellsworth – Ping Pong Piggety Poo – Stay Away…I Love You – CDN

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