Playlist: Episode #787, Apr. 21, 2019

Again today we’ve got some great new music, German requests, and a busy week of concerts to preview, including the return of our old friend Matt Epp who chatted with us about life, music, and what we can expect from his Thursday show.

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Jim Bryson – Feel Much Better – The North Side Benches – CDN
Jim Bryson – Better on Drugs – single – CDN
Jim Bryson – The Depression Dance – Somewhere We Will Find Our Place – CDN
Jim Bryson – Cut Bait – Tired of Waiting – CDN
Kathleen Edwards – The Lone Wolf – Failer – CDN

The Beaches – Snake Tongue – single – CDN
Jade Bird – Ruins – Jade Bird
Will Kimbrough – Hey Trouble – I Like It Down Here
The Tallest Man On Earth – What I’ve Been Kicking Around – I Love You. It’s a Fever Dream.
Bear’s Den – Crow – single
Poor Nameless Boy – Argue – Wake Up Call – CDN

The Staves – In the Long Run – Dead & Born & Grown
Daniel Norgren – Let Love Run The Game – Wooh Dang
Josh Ritter – I Still Love You (Now and Then) – Fever Breaks
Anna Mitchell – Let’s Run Away – Down to the Bone
John Blek & the Rats – Lord! Don’t Leave Me! – Leave Your Love at the Door

Corin Raymond – Hard on Things – Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams – CDN
Corin Raymond – Three Thousand Miles – Record Lonesome Night – CDN
Jonathan Byrd – Under the Belly of the Night (w/The Sentimentals) – single
Jonathan Byrd – Lakota Sioux – Pickup Cowboy
Matt Epp – You Were Chosen to Be Here (feat. Bomgiizhik & Shannon Paul) – single – CDN – WPG
Matt Epp – Are We Through – single – CDN – WPG

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