Playlist: Episode #663 Sunday, October 16, 2016

UMFM’s annual Pledge-O-Rama is here! This is the time of year when we appeal to you, the listener, to help us keep alive and get better at what we do. We need your help to pay the bills and help us with special projects, like this year’s goal of enough money to buy a new transmitter for the station! But it’s not just all about the money, we’ve got prizes and incentives to give away, requests/dedications for our supporters, and a very special live guest, Jaxon Haldane, who dropped by to chat and play some songs!

2:00 – 2:30 pm

Jaxon Haldane – Hectic – Hectic – CDN – WPG
The D. Rangers – Tryin’ to Start out Clean – Barbaric Cultural Practices – CDN – WPG

Jaxon Haldane interview

2:30 – 3:00 pm

Jaxon Haldane – Love, Lust, and Loneliness – live performance – CDN – WPG
Jaxon Haldane – One Vessel – live performance – CDN – WPG
Jaxon Haldane – Shame on Me – live performance – CDN – WPG
Jaxon Haldane – Crystal – live performance – CDN – WPG
Gordie Tentrees – Somebody’s Child – Less Is More – CDN

3:00 – 3:30 pm

Colleen Brown – Love You Baby – Foot in Heart – CDN
Colleen Brown – I Can’t Wrap My Heart Around It (w/Major Love) – Seasons Are Circling – CDN

3:30 – 4:00 pm

Crooked Still – Oh, Agamemnon (for Allan) – Still Crooked
Stephen Fearing – Beguiling Eyes (for Trish & Rob) – Out to Sea – CDN
The Brothers Cosmoline – Bramble (for Rob S.) – Songs of Work and Freedom – CDN
Scott Nolan – Forever Is a long Time (for Allison) – Silverhill – CDN – WPG
William Prince – Breathless (for Melissa) – Earthly Days – CDN – WPG

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