TTBTGH Presents: Summer Concerts Galore!

June is upon us already, and that means we’re into the busy spring/summer concert & festival season, and we couldn’t be happier! Here are a few reminders & pleas to check out some amazing shows that are coming up.

I’m selling tickets for all of the following, because they’re all shows that mean a lot to me. I really want to get tickets into your hands. Buy them from me (or Stu or Eugene) and you don’t pay any ticket fees of any kind, and I’ll be glad to bring tickets to you wherever you might be. If you’re heading out to a show that I might be at (Whitney Rose? C.R. Avery?) let me know and I’ll bring some along. If you want to drop by the U of M, come to The Sunset Saloon, or if it’s easier to bring tickets to you at home or at work, please do say so! It’s no trouble! We just really want big crowds at these shows, and we’ll do almost anything to ensure it.

June 24 at Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club, it’s the return of the Mike Plume Band featuring Grant Siemans! Mike is amazing, this you should know by now. He’s assembled a top-notch band for this tour, including long time (amazing) drummer Ernie B, as well as his usual bassist for the past bunch of years (Ben) and this time out a talented keyboard player and a pedal steel player. Of this lineup, Mike says, “It’s easily the best lineup I’ve ever had. Nice full sound. Not a far cry from Blue Rodeo. Oh yeah, Grant Siemans is playing with us in Winnipeg and in Dauphin.” We’ve convinced John Scoles that we’re too damn old to stay out late on a weeknight, so he’s putting Mike on first at 8:30. There’s an exciting young band called Sun K on after that, and you’re welcome and encouraged to stick around for their set, but free and clear to get a good night’s sleep instead. This night will be amazing, I GUARANTEE! Tickets are $15.

June 27 at The Sunset Saloon, it’s Mike June and Jess Klein! This is a double bill as solid as they come, with Mike June, an exciting up-and-comer who you surely fell in love with last year, and past Winnipeg Folk Festival and West End Cultural Centre performer Jess Klein, who’s been making records and wowing crowds since the turn of the millennium. This one will be special! (Mike and Jess will also be playing at The StuDome on June 28, but we strongly encourage you to check out our show or both!) We encourage at least $20 donation for this one, but house concert rules apply.

July 15 at The Park Theatre Lynn Miles with Scott Nolan! Last year’s Sunset Saloon show was so legendary that we just had to bring this combo back together, but now we want to get a lot more people in on the magic, so come to Winnipeg’s best all-around music venue ​and enjoy this amazing night of powerful songs. $20 is a small price to pay for something this great.

July 27 at The Sunset SaloonCorin Raymond‘s Bookworm and solo acoustic musical performance! This is something so unique and wonderful. We’ve only ever had concerts at The Saloon so far, but it’s time to branch out into the world of theatre. Corin Raymond put together his first one-man show along with help from Fringe theatre legend TJ Dawe a few years ago, and it was a huge hit. Corin is bringing his new one-man show to our Fringe Festival this summer, but people have been asking when they could see Bookworm again (or for the first time.) I asked too, and when Corin said that he had no plans, I went to work making plans. This show was a huge hit at our Fringe Festival a few years ago in the much larger Planetarium Auditorium, so it’s a real treat to see it this up-close and personal. And because Corin is such an amazing singer/songwriter (and fan of great songs) he’ll bring his guitar and play a set of music after the theatrical portion. Advance tickets are available NOW for $20. All remaining tickets will be easy to sell at The Folk Festival and The Fringe Festival, so get yours as soon as you can. This WILL sell out, and without a ticket, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get in this time.

There’s other good stuff going on, and other shows to be announced. This is going to be another great summer of music!

Hope to see you out at these shows!

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