Corin Raymond’s Bookworm & Music, July 27 @The Sunset Saloon!

July 27 @ The Sunset Saloon!

Tell the Band to Go Home & Steel Belted Radio proudly present:

Corin Raymond‘s Bookworm & solo acoustic musical performance!

Monday, July 27
7:30 pm.
$20 Advance tickets will be sold to ensure a full house! It will not be hard to move these tickets come July, so get them while you can.

Corin Raymond
is a dynamic, engaging performer. He’s a hell of a songwriter and even more of a song supporter. His most recent album is a collection of songs by great Canadian songwriters. He paid for it all with Canadian Tire Money. It’s a story that took on a life of its own and was written about and reported on widely in the media last year. Now, he’s turned it into a new one-man show all about The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper, and it’s coming to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival this July. (here’s a review of the new show) He’ll be performing his new show nightly July 15-26 at The West End Cultural Centre, and once word gets out about Corin’s performance, it’ll surely be packed nightly. Corin is also doing a set of music at his home away from home, The Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club on Saturday, July 25, where he’ll be backed by and opening for Kieran West & His Buffalo Band! It’ll be a rockin’ good time, and it too will be jam packed.

Previous to this new fringe show, Corin performed his first one-man-show, Bookworm at our Fringe Festival in 2012. It was such a powerful, amazing, entertaining show, and I’m one of many people who have been asking Corin when he was going to perform it in Winnipeg again. Well, this is the only performance he’s got planned!

Bookworm is amazing. Here’s the brief bio:

A story of a father reading to his son, growing up in a library, plus Spiderman, Ray Bradbury, and meeting the Minotaur for the first time just outside Wawa.

Written and performed by Corin Raymond
Dramaturged by TJ Dawe
Directed by Morgan Jones Phillips

Storytelling that has comedy, drama, plenty of beauty and life-inspiration, and a climax no one could possibly predict, all wrapped into an hour.

Audience: 12 and up

Warning: This show WILL open your heart.

Here are some press quotes, and even they don’t really do this incredible show justice:

Raymond’s way of connecting with the audience is remarkable, and he will generously share his prized personal and fictional stories with you”.CFUV Radio

Some storytellers leave you gaping, forgetful of your surroundings and only wanting more. Corin Raymond is this storyteller. He is the man who is passionate about the pronunciation of Roald Dahl’s Grand High Witch’s speech pattern. He can recount the tale of Theseus from memory, in detail and will freely admit to memorizing the opening lines of his favourite book. And while it would be possible to simply sit and listen to Raymond tell the tales of ancient Greece, Bookworm also manages to convey the cross-generational influences and complex relationship between a father and son. It’s well-paced, well-performed and will have you heading to the first bookstore as you leave the theatre while calling your dad to say hey”. Samantha Power, Vue Weekly

Corin Raymond is a storyteller who by the end of the night you’ll have known your whole life.” The Globe and Mail

“The best compliment I can think of to give Corin Raymond’s charming and utterly engaging Bookworm is that it’s like being read to for an hour by a guy who’s totally passionate about the story he’s reading—which is exactly what Bookworm is. An ode to books and the people who love them, Raymond cleverly mixes everyday autobiography with an inherited love of what lies between the covers of his favourite books; and while there is a great surprise waiting in the final minutes of the show, it isn’t the crux of the show—Raymond’s own passion is…Bookworm is the kind of show you want to share with everyone you know. Every local bookstore owner or worker, book club member or solo lover of the printed word—be it fiction, poetry, history or comic books—must see this memorable production.” John Threlfall

​Reserve your advance tickets as soon as you are able!
Watch an excerpt:

Watch the whole show if you really want to RUIN it for yourself:


This one will stop you in your tracks:

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