New (and ongoing) music from Shannon Lyon!

If you know me or the show at all, you know how much I love Shannon Lyon. He’s an amazing songwriter and musician, and he happens to be one of my favourite human beings as well.

A while back he set up Lost Creek Recording Studio, inside his cozy cabin in British Columbia. Now, he can literally eat and sleep at the studio, so the music keeps coming at a furious pace. Well, he’s decided to let us be a fly on the wall and hear some of the new things he’s working on, with “Lost Creek Recordings,” a series of songs & projects coming out on his BandCamp page. It’s a great way to hear new music right when it’s finished, and directly support a talented artist hard at work.

First up is Three Years of You, a song obviously about his years living in Germany/Holland. It’s a pretty fun listen.

Check it out and check back often for more recordings to be added. I know I will! (and don’t forget that there are other magical albums and compilations on his page as well! Check in at

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