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The Winnipeg Folk Festival is upon us once again, and it’s proving to be a pretty great one. Despite my loud and consistent complaining about this year’s lineup, it seems that perhaps, maybe, it is somehow possible that I may, might, there is a teeny tiny chance that I might have been just a tad, um, wrong. I know it sounds crazy, and it probably isn’t true, but there’s always a chance, right? (The stack of CDs in my backpack that I can’t possibly afford gives me some pause for reflection. You’ll hear some of the evidence on the show soon.)

Speaking of the Folk Festival, I’m out there for the final day of this year’s festival today, so won’t be live in the studio, but I do have an all new show loaded up and ready to go and on the website in the downloads section ( for you. On today’s show, we expose the truth about Danny Michel’s real first appearance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, play a bunch of new music from the mail bag, and we’ll get you primed as…

TTBTGH/Twang Trust, Danicin’ Eugene, and The Park Theatre are very excited to present Mary Gauthier with Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller in Winnipeg on July 22! I’ve been whining about this show not stopping in town for a long time, and with a little help from Stu, Eugene, and Erick, it’s now happening, and I REALLY don’t want you to miss it! You can get tickets now from Music Trader or The Park Theatre, or you can save on those annoying “convenience fees” by buying directly from ME! I’ve got tickets on me and I’d love to sell you one. Let me know if you want me to bring one to you or meet up with you somewhere, because I’d love to get more people confirmed and committed to this one. Scott and Jo open the show and then act as Mary’s backing band, and by all reports, it’s an amazing show, which I can’t wait to see.

And speaking of shows, all of the details are online about the next exciting show at The Sunset Saloon featuring Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville! This one will be amazing and I’d absolutely love it if you could make it part of your summer plans, August 14.

I do hope that if you’re not out at the festival today you have a good excuse and have a great day. I also hope to see you out at one of those other amazing upcoming shows.
Put on some sun screen!


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