Joshua Cockerill (aka Animal Parts) @ Sunset Saloon June 21

Joshua Cockerill (Animal Parts)
Friday, June 21, 2013
Live at Sunset Saloon (house concert, Westwood, Winnipeg)
Suggested donation $15-20
All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever) As usual, you can bring a beverage of your choice or food to share if you wish, but we’ll have plenty of both on hand, so feel free to save yourself the trouble and just enjoy whatever’s on hand!

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It’s not fair that someone who is only 24 years old can write songs as well as Joshua Cockerill can. A lot of us old folk couldn’t write a song to save our lives, but this young kid whips off songs that stand alongside those of older, established artists, and they’re suitably impressed:

“Joshua Cockerill [of Animal Parts] is f***ing amazing. Buy his record. Now.”
Serena Ryder

“As a songwriter, Joshua is one of the bright lights on the Canadian scene, and has one of the best new voices I’ve heard. Both sonically and lyrically, his album towers above any first attempt I’ve heard recently. I’m going to wager that Joshua will be around for quite some time.”
Justin Rutledge

“The future looks bright for Joshua Cockerill”
Rich Terfry (Buck 65), CBC Radio 2 Drive

See? Working on his songs and his craft since adolescence, Cockerill has honed both into two amazing albums and an engaging live show. Serena Ryder and Justin Rutledge appeared on his debut solo album, “The Trick with your Heart I’m Learning to Do,” alongside seasoned players like Kendel Carson (Dustin Bentall), Shawn Creamer (The Beauties), Burke Carroll (Luther Wright & The Wrongs), John Dinsmore (NQ Arbuckle/Kathleen Edwards), Christine Bougie (side person to anyone who’s anyone), and his older brother, Greg Cockerill. He’s got songs that are tender and heartfelt, and, with Animal Parts, he rocks out with solid backing, great energy, and irresistible melodies. The kid’s good. Really good.

He’s a bit of a road warrior, touring with a band a bunch of times, and solo. He’s versatile, charismatic, and disgustingly talented. I’m told that the ladies think he’s rather cute as well. Previously, he rocked the StuDome back yard, stole the show at Dauphin Countryfest, played a wonderful rockin’ set at The Standard, and now, he’s coming to the Sunset Saloon, so he’s officially made it to the big time!

You might not have heard a lot of Joshua’s songs yet (although, if you listen to Tell the Band to Go Home or Steel Belted Radio, you surely have), but you’ll go home humming the songs and remembering the name. Join us for Joshua Cockerill on June 21.

ANIMAL PARTS – Home To You / Lake Travis from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

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