Jeremy Messersmith’s Supper Club Tour @ Sunset Saloon, Sept. 19!

TTBTGH & SBFRR are very pleased to present:

Jeremy Messersmith‘s Supper Club Tour
Live @ Sunset Saloon (house concert, West Winnipeg, contact us for address and info)
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
7:30 doors, 8:00 show, over by 10:00
Tickets $15 in advance:
Please bring a pot-luck style dish to share (if you are able) and adult beverages of your choice (if you wish)
All are welcome, family friendly

NOTE: One lucky person at this show will win a free pair of tickets to see Kathleen Edwards and Jenn Grant at The Garrick Centre on Sept. 29. All you have to do to win is buy a ticket to this show and join us!

A few notes about Jeremy, in case you’re not familiar:

  • Based out of Minneapolis, Jeremy is widely known as the premier songwriter of the bustling Minneapolis music scene. He has been named so several times by each of the major print publications around town
  • National Public Radio (NPR) named Jeremy’s last album, The Reluctant Graveyard, as one of the Top 10 albums of 2010
  • Jeremy’s video for Tatooine was a viral sensation, landing in online publications like Wired, USA Today, BoingBoing, Yahoo! (Front Page), etc
  • Jeremy opened up for President Obama in Minneapolis! Democrat or Republic anytime you can whip the crowd into a frenzy before POTUS its a remarkable thing! 🙂
  • His 2nd album, The Silver City, was Produced by Grammy Winner Dan Wilson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic)

Check out Jeremy’s wonderful music and inspired videos:

This one’s my favourite:

I often get credit for the great music on the show, but the reality is, a lot of the best tips come from  listeners. Such is the case with Jeremy Messersmith, who was introduced to me by listener Tonya, when she lived near Minneapolis. Messersmith is based in the area, and is a darling of the great radio station The Current. Once I heard this guy’s music, I was hooked, and I know that you will be also.

He’s got a knack for irresistable pop hooks and some wonderful production on his albums, but at the core, he’s a singer/songwriter with a keen eye, a delicate heart, and a way with words – just the way we like ’em. His albums just keep getting better, and his star just keeps rising. In the Minneapolis area, he can fill huge rooms (like First Avenue) and take part in huge bills (such as the show at the Minnesota State Fair, where he’s co-billed along with The Jayhawks and a rare and eagerly anticipated reunion of Semisonic), but he’s about to embark on an intimate tour of house concerts/pot luck dinners, called The Supper Club Tour.

We always encourage folks to bring food and make a meal of it, but this time, Jeremy is upping the pressure. He’s asking folks to bring their favourite family dish to share. Sure, we understand if you can’t/won’t, and we won’t kick you out if you don’t bring the Corning Ware, but we really hope you’ll take us up on the idea this time.

New for this show is the online advance ticket sales. All tickets are supposed to be purchased online, in advance. If that isn’t possible for you, please drop us a line below and we’ll negotiate, but it would make things much easier (and less stressful) if you’d do your part and buy a ticket online. It’s cheap, easy, and much appreciated:

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