The Comfort Zone, Canada Day 2012

You’ve heard me chat about our pal Gail Comfort, who hosts the Comfort Cafe, Sundays from 6-7 on UMFM. She also hosts a show called The Comfort Zone on a station in the UK called CMR Nashville. She does her best to educate folks about great Canadian music, and somehow, I’ve convinced her that I’m some kind of expert on the subject (please don’t tell her the awful truth!) so she invited me to be her guest co-host for this year’s Canada Day show.

You can listen or download the show here:
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

And here’s the playlist and info that she wrote up:

Canada Day!

Another one of those times that I get really homesick for London. Living away from Canada, we loved to celebrate our “Canadianess” in a big way over there. Part of the celebration for me was preparing and presenting my all-Canadian Comfort Zone. My friend, Bob Paterson, and I used to go into the studio loaded down with our Canadian albums, all set to outshine each other with our Canadian discoveries (and favourites too of course). We did it for years. And since I was Canadian and Bob was British, I got to be the expert. And I loved that.

Now I’m back in my home town and it turns out I’m not the expert anymore. Lucky for me, I record this show right next door to Jeff Robson who is presenting his “Tell The Band To Go Home” show on Sunday afternoons. I listen to his show, I read his playlists and I know he has great taste in music, and he knows lots of Canadian stuff I don’t know. So one day I just asked him if he would come and present the Canada Day Comfort Zone with me. He said Yes! And he brought in some fantastic music!

If you like the show, let me know because I’m trying to talk Jeff into doing it again sometime very soon.

Jeffs shows: “Tell the Band To Go Home” goes out on Sunday afternoon 2:00 to 4:00 pm and “Steel Belted Radio” goes out on Thursday evening 6:30 to 8:00 pm on UMFM 101.5 (Winnipeg). They stream in real time so you can listen at and you can also get them through an iTunes podcast. Good Shows Both!

Have a Great Canada Day!



Saturday 30th June: 2pm-4pm
Monday 2nd July: repeated 6pm-8pm
Tuesday 3rd July: repeated 2am-4am and 10am-12noon

Saturday 30th June: 8am-10am
Monday 2nd July : repeated 12pm-2pm and 8pm-10pm
Tuesday 3rd July: repeated 4am-6am

Listen live


Lynn Miles w/Jim Bryson – Goodbye (Fall for Beauty, True North)
Del Barber – The Waitress (Headwaters, Six Shooter)
Del Barber – Everything is Not Enough (Headwaters, Six Shooter)
Rheostatics w/Kevin Hearn – Northern Wish (Music Inspired by the Group of 7, Green Sprout)
The Weakerthans – Left & Leaving (Left & Leaving, Sub City)
The Lowest of the Low – Under the Carlaw Bridge (Shakespeare My Butt, Universal)

Ladies of the Canyon – Haunted Woman (Haunted Woman, Kindling)
Amelia Curran w/The Once – Love’s Lost Regard (Hunter Hunter, Six Shooter)
Cara Luft – Bye Bye Love (Darlingford, Self)
Sarah MacDougall – It’s a Storm (The Greatest Ones Alive, Rabbit Heart Music)
Rose Cousins – The Darkness (We Have Made a Spark, Outside Music)
Tanya Davis – How To Be Alone (Download from Sandbar Music)

The Warped 45’s – Pale Horse (Matador Sunset, Pheromone)
Stephen Fearing – The Longest Road (The Assassin’s Apprentice, True North)
James Keelaghan – Hillcrest Mine (Then Again, Jericho Beach Music)
Keri Latimer – So Long (Crowsfeet and Greyskull, Self)
Leonard Podolak/JD Edwards/Nathan Rogers – All the Way Home (Dry Bones, Self)

Mike Plume Band – 8:30 Newfoundland (8:30 Newfoundland, Road Angel/Fontana)
John Bottomley – You Lose and You Gain (Blackberry, BMG)
Paul MacLeod – Giant (Tell The Band To Go Home ep, Self)
Lindi Ortega – Jimmy Dean (Little Red Boots, Last Gang)
The Blue Shadows – A Paper N’ A Promise (On The Floor of Heaven, Bumstead)
Willie P Bennett – Country Squall (Tryin’ To Start Out Clean, Bnatural)

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