Del Barber “Headwaters” CD Premiere, Sunday on TTBTGH

Recently, I celebrated an important anniversary, the anniversary of the day I fell in love. It was the day that I first met someone who would change my life and infatuate my dreams, someone who gave me hope and joy, someone who I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. It was love at first sight, and the love is as strong and passionate as ever. It was a magical moment for me, and one I’ll never forget. Sure, we’ve had our ups and our downs, but I’ve remained devoted and always proud of the one I adore. Ahhhhh, young love.

You see, two years ago this April, I first saw Del Barber (what did you think I was talking about?) He surprised me opening up for Old Man Luedecke at the Folk Exchange, a place where there aren’t typically opening acts. (Check out some photos on Facebook) There certainly can’t be many opening acts as surprising and wonderful as ol’ Del. He’s got this charming quirky way about him, and a bunch of songs that should rightfully come from someone older and more world-weary than him. I’m old and bitter and jaded, it’s true, but every once in a while I see someone who’s so damn good, and so damn promising that I feel right about the world again. Del’s got it all.

We cheered along as Del released THE BEST ALBUM IN THE WORLD in 2010. We’ve seen him at concerts and festivals across the land (well, from Chicago to Edmonton, anyway…), all along looking forward to his “big break,” which would prove to the world that which I already know, Del Barber = SUPERSTAR. I’ve done my best to weasel my way in to Del’s inner circle, in an effort to hitch a ride on a shooting star. I’ve offered to let his parents, the amazing Jean and Boyd, adopt me. I’ve had ’em over to my house. I visited the bathroom where Del wrote some of the greatest songs EVER. I even risked life and limb AND got the worst case of food poisoning of my life in order to see him. I’m devoted (frighteningly so), but love’ll do that to ya.

And it’s all led to this. The release of Del’s new album, “Headwaters.” After winning some Western Canadian Music Awards and getting nominated for a Juno, as well as winning hearts across the land, Del’s hit the big time, with a world-class producer, some “professional” players on the CD, and now, a contract with one of this country’s (if not the world’s) coolest indie-labels, Six Shooter Records (home to folks like Amelia Curran, Luke Doucet, The Deep Dark Woods, Justin Rutledge, and NQ Arbuckle. Nice company, indeed.) Best of all, the album is yet another (seemingly impossible) huge leap forward in terms of writing, playing, and overall quality. I’ve never seen leaps and bounds such as these in such a short time.

OK, I know I’m gushing again, and the lawyers are drawing up the restraining order as we speak, but I’m honest and passionate (I think some of you know this about me…). Del’s the real deal, and this album should, if anything is right and fair about this world, make him a REALLY BIG DEAL to a LOT of people. You can pre-order it and hear some new songs online now by visiting

The stuff that’s not online hasn’t been heard by very many people yet (Del, Rob Waddell is mad at you about that…) But you will have your chance to be among the first when Tell the Band to Go Home presents the WORLD PREMIERE of Del’s new CD, this Sunday! Del will visit us to chat live and perform, as well as allow us to be the FIRST anywhere to broadcast songs from “Headwaters.” Believe me, oh, believe me, this CD is amazing. Tune in for yourself, and you’ll hear what I mean.

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