December 11 on TTBTGH

Greetings, friends!

It’s been a while since I dropped you a line, so I thought I’d say hi and tell you what’s going on in the world behind the scenes at Tell the Band to Go Home. Since we kicked off last week’s show with How to Make Gravy, it’s officially the holiday season, so we’ll be pulling out some non-crappy, oddball holiday favourites in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for the coolest, most oddball music of the year, you never need to look any further than our old pal Stu’s annual Christmas compilation:

And speaking of compilations, I’m thinking about the 10th annual best-of-the-year compilation. There were plenty of great albums and songs released this year, and it seems stupid to quit spreading the good word now, so we’ll be putting something together soon (I hope.) There was some thought about not doing it this year, we’ve got no time, no money, no printer, no cover-art ideas, blah blah, but it’s fun, so I’ll figure something out. If you have any favourites from the year, help me to whittle down the list and let me know what I should be considering. Oh, and if you happen to want to help design a cover or something, there’s no money in it for you, and very little glory, but the job is available… I’m hoping to have something available, at least digitally, in the next couple of weeks, with physical copies hopefully ready over the holidays. Stay tuned.

The one compilation that’s never hard to put together is the Live on UMFM collection, which is looking pretty great this year, because we’ve had some pretty swell in-studio guests. Today on the show, we’ll add one more stellar artist, as our old buddy Scott Nolan is hoping to drop by and play us some songs and encourage you to go to the Park Theatre on Tuesday, where he’ll be recording a new live album! Scott’s always great, but this sounds like an extra special night, including a super rare solo appearance by his old Leaderhouse band mate (and the guy who sat beside me in High School Science class,) Matt Budaloski. That should be super great.

And, I do believe that Scott’s going to give away some tickets, so get your dialing fingers ready. As if that weren’t enough, we have some more tickets to give away to the CD release for the fine new record by The JD Edwards Band! That show goes down Saturday night at the West End, and I know I’m really looking forward to it, so I’d encourage you to call in and win tickets to that, or get your own (they’re only $10!) I’ll try to dig up some more CDs to give away, or whatever else is cluttering up my extra-cluttered basement. All we ask in return is that you give a donation to Winnipeg Harvest when you pick up your prize. We’ve got a donation bin at the station which, between you and me, could use a little help, so drop by some time, or, for an extra generous donation (or some tasty treats for me…), I’ll be glad to drop a prize off to you. I still remember long ago driving for what seemed like days, trying to find Zenon & Melissa’s house waaaaaayyy out in Transcona for the first time. That worked out great, so if you want the convenience of home delivery, we can arrange that for you.

That’s all the news that’s fit to email, so we’ll sign off. Hope things are going well for you & yours. Hopefully we’ll meet up for some festive fun one of these days.

All the best,


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Even though it’s the holidays and we’re trying to be positive, we have to remind you of the FJE clause, which states that if an artist decides that I’m the nastiest guy he’s ever met, he may decide to stiff me on an interview from time to time. I don’t think that’s the case with this week’s guest, but he did get mad at me once for saying bad stuff about Neil Young, so you never know.

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