September 25 on Tell the Band to Go Home!

This Sunday on Tell the Band to Go Home, we have one of those special interviews that you won’t want to miss. I’ve interviewed some pretty notable folks on the show, but this is probably THE most intimidating interview I’ve ever done… James McMurtry returns to Winnipeg for the first time in 19 years on Oct. 1, and I’m so excited that I went and requested an interview, thinking that it was highly unlikely that he’d want to talk to a schmoe like me. After all, the guy doesn’t do many interviews, and he’s known for being a pretty tough customer. Hopefully I can soften him up or out-curmudgeon him and get some good radio out of it.

If you’re not familiar, McMurtry is one of those Texas songwriting legends that we are so inspired by. He comes by writing naturally, after all, his pappy is legendary novelist/screenwriter Larry McMurtry, who’s written such notable titles as Terms of Endearment, Lonesome Dove, and Brokeback Mountain. Since his 1989 John Mellencamp produced debut, James has built a reputation as one of America’s most respected songwriters. He’s feisty, political, and powerful. I risked life & limb, driving all the way to Chicago in January to see him twice, when he performed solo and acoustic at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music. I was amazed by what a powerful guitar player he is, and the solo show allowed his lyrics to really shine through. Just days after I got back, he announced another string of shows, including a full-band show in Minneapolis in April. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see him with a band, so I headed down and saw one of the most rockin’ shows I’ve ever seen. I brought home some souvenirs, and shared them on the website:

I can’t believe that he and his amazing band, The Heartless Bastards, are coming to our town on Oct. 1. I also can’t believe that I get to talk to him first, this Sunday. Get your tickets now for the concert, and make sure you’re close to the radio or our live Internet stream this Sunday!

And, in case you haven’t heard, a little less intimidating and even closer to home, I’m very pleased to welcome a wonderful singer/songwriter into my home on October 21, when Jory Nash returns to Winnipeg after an 8 year absence. Jory is a super-talented, wonderfully melodic and entertaining writer with 6 renowned albums under his belt. He regularly sells out Toronto’s hallowed Hugh’s Room (their version of the West End Cultural Centre) and has performed at concerts and festivals around North America. Sadly, he hasn’t visited Winnipeg since he came to visit The Wailin’ Jennys during the recording of their first album in 2003!

As if the music weren’t exciting enough, Jaine has once again promised to make some of her legendary homemade ice cream in honour of our guest. This time, we’ll be serving Heavenly Nash, for one night only. You get a sample just for coming out, and that alone is reason enough to join us.

We’re still hoping for some of our regulars to make their reservations, but we’d love to see some new folks out as well. Check out the full details on our website: Drop me a line if you can come or if you have any questions. Invite your friends, because we’d love this to be a real success.

Thanks, now I’d better go do some advance research for an interview, for a change… Hope to hear from you soon!


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McMurtry has indeed been known to run in the same circles as ol’ FJE, so we must enact the Fred Clause, which states that if for some reason an artist is too full of himself to talk to me, we don’t blame him, and we don’t make any excuses for him We do offer a money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with what we pull off to fill the time, you get your entry fee back.

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