TTBTGH Turns 400!

Tell the Band to Go Home is about to turn 400 (although we’ve been told that we don’t look a day over 325). After almost 9 full years, we’ve reached our 400th episode, and we’re feeling pretty proud of that. Who knew that we’d still be around almost 10 years later, bigger and better than ever (or so we think.)

What should we do to celebrate this occasion? Is it even as monumental as we’d like to believe? Should we do some kind of “best of” show? Some kind of retrospective? Show history? Shout outs to the people who made it all possible? Should we just do the best damn show we can, just like we do every other week? What?

Send us an email (tellthebandtogohome at gmail dot com) or leave a comment here or on Facebook if you’ve got memories, suggestions, or anything else to add!

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