TTBTGH remembers John Bottomley

Sometimes Facebook can be a good thing, because it really is a good way to keep informed, but sometimes you learn things that really bring you down. Such was the case when I read that one of our great, underappreciated songwriters, John Bottomley has died. There isn’t much real info to be found, but we’ll update you if we hear more.  I have to pay some small tribute on the radio tomorrow. I only wish that he could be on the show to speak for himself. I meant to book an interview, it’s been on my list for weeks, but never got around to it. I’m not feeling good about that at all.

If you haven’t already, check out John’s music. He has a “new” album that came out a while ago called “The Healing Dream,” and it’s great. His 1995 CD “Blackberry” remains one of the finest CDs I’ve ever heard. It’s in elite company as one of those very rare albums where I love every song, every moment. It’s even more rare that I can find an album that appeals to everybody. When I have people over and I want something that’ll please everybody, it’s one of only a few discs that I’ll grab – and I’ve got a hell of a lot to choose from. We all know that Colin Linden is a masterful musician, writer, and producer, and in my opinion, probably his fnest playing and production is on Blackberry. It’s a masterpiece, and it was just the tip of the iceberg.

if you’re looking to hear one of the most amazing albums of all time, and make your life a lot better, please consider buying this album: or on itunes

I think I’ve been pretty good about telling musicians how much the music means to me. I hope you all know that your talent and passion is appreciated – no, never by enough people, and the rewards sometimes don’t seem to justify the effort, but the world needs great art. You’re all important and all of it means something to somebody.

In no particular order, and for no other particular reason, thanks to: Del Barber, Christina Martin, John Wort Hannam, Jory Nash, Alex Dezen, Matthew Ryan, John K Samson, Ron Hawkins/Stephen Stanley & The Lowest of the Low, Bidini/Tielli/Veseley/Clark/Kerr/MPW & Rheostatics, Keri Latimer & Nathan, Michael Johnston, Oh Susanna, Jim Bryson, Kathleen Edwards, NQ Arbuckle, Madison Violet, Fearing/Linden/Wilson & Blackie, Leeroy Stagger, Skydiggers, The Cash Brothers, Mike Plume, Lynn Miles, etc. etc. etc.



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