Steel Belted Standby show!

A (long) while back, I finally got around to recording a generic non-time-sensitive standby show for Steel Belted Radio, for those instances when we can’t make it in to the studio and don’t have time to whip something up. I’d say that we’re pretty reliable at getting new stuff on for you, so if we skip a few weeks a year, hopefully you won’t mind.

We’ve aired the standby show a number of times over the years, but it wasn’t until TODAY that I actually listened to the damn thing and found out that I’d labeled it in the wrong damn order! Yikes!

I hate it when I make a mistake. Hate it. But I hate it more when nobody tells me. If you notice me doing stupid crap like this again, TELL ME! Please!

Anyway, here, for your downloading pleasure is a pretty solid “best of” Steel Belted standby show. (now, if only I could dig up the playlist…)

part 1
part 2
part 3

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