Santa Claus Is Coming to…


We’re not usually in the business of trying to sell you anything but music & concert tickets, but sometimes we get some info that’s too good to keep to ourselves.

Loyal listener & all around good pal of the show, Ron, likes to fill in for St. Nick on some occasions when he can’t make the trek himself. Ron has been officially trained and certified as one of Santa’s helpers, so he is qualified to attend your Christmas party or event. In the true spirit of Christmas, Ron donates every dollar that he earns from his visits to a very worthwhile charity – this year, it’s Siloam Mission. Ron donates his time, effort, gas money, etc. and charges you at or below the going rate. And he’s good. He’s even got the belly for the part.

Ron’s good people – we will personally vouch for that, and does a great job. If you need Santa this year, give ol’ Ron a call or let us know and we’ll put you in touch

(click the photo below for a closer look – again, email us @ if you have any questions!)

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